The Adventures of Serena


A woman’s hair jolts to the side as another slap knocks her balance to the ground.  Yelps and screams are bouncing from girl to girl as they frantically watch a mother taking out her rage on her daughter.  The woman that was slapped blocks another slap to her face, but feels her hair stick to a clinched fist.  Her neck is exposed as she reaches up to try and pry her hair free, but then she feels another slap across her face.  One of the spectators of this violence yells, “Stop it!”

The mother keeps slapping her daughter as she snaps, “Can it Tiffany!”

The women tremble to a corner of the room and watch as the mother holds a cocked palm above her daughter’s face.  The emerald eyes of the beaten woman remain locked in her mother’s hazel eyes without any expression on her face.  Rage quivers the muscles on and around the mother’s peach skin as she anticipates what to do next.  The mother drops her hand and stands up as her upper body expands and compresses to the beat of her heavy breathing.  She says, “Don’t be such a bitch Abigail.  Now pick yourself up and become a real woman by marrying a man that will take care of you.”  She looks over to the quivering women and says, “And I want you bitches to fix her face again.  Make sure the make up covers her redness and that her hair is fixed properly.  Understood?”  The women remain trembling with silence, so the mother snaps, “Understood!”

The women reply, “Yes ma’am” as they rush over to Abigail to clean her up.

Abigail throws out her arms to stop the women from touching her.  She looks at her mother that’s exiting the room and says, “Love you too… Delores.”

Delores’ head inches around her right shoulder until she locks fire into Abigail’s eyes.  She says, “You will only refer to me as mother.”  Silence infuriates the air until Delores goes back out to the wedding ceremony.

Abigail mutters, “bitch” as she picks herself up and goes over to the golden oval mirror in the white empty room with gold accents to see what she looks like.  Her left cheek has already started to flare with rosy pain as she sees a trickle of blood resting on her bottom lip.  She guides her left thumb across her lip and then rubs her pointer finger on her thumb to feel the texture of her pain.  Her once fluffed up brown locks with the subtle streaks of sandy blonde highlights are now all over her head and neck without any sign of obedience.  She looks at her dress that was kept completely in tact from the beating before she turns to Tiffany and says, “Unzip me.”

Delores sits in her designated seat in the closest folding chair on the right side of the alter.  She smiles and nods her head at the groom and puts on her sunglasses to keep the sun from covering her eyes.  The rest of the witnesses stare into the ocean and the greenery around as the trees dance to subtle sway of the breeze.  The pastor and the groom unknowingly have the same open mouth with their eyebrows touching down to their nose.  The groom asks, “Abigail?” as he watches her strut down the aisle with a lit cigarette in her mouth.  Everyone but her mother turns to look at her leather outfit shine with the streaks of the sun as she holds a motorcycle helmet in her left hand.  The groom continues with, “I didn’t know that you smoked?”

Abigail makes her way to Delores as she’s turning to see what the groom was talking about.  Before she can fully face her daughter, Abigail says, “I don’t” as she let’s Delores feel the cigarette being extinguished on the top of her head.  She yelps as she pats rapidly on her head to put out the potential fire in her hair.  After she’s done patting her head, she feels her teeth crack together from the force of Abigail’s helmet.  As the spectators jump in shock, Abigail swings the helmet again at her mother on the ground.  Pleasure warms Abigail’s face as she hears the hollow clank of the helmet colliding with her cheek.  Abigail spits on her before she says, “Just a little girl huh?”

She walks past the groom without looking at him, so he asks, “What the hell’s going on?”  She doesn’t acknowledge him, so he asks, “And what about our wedding?”

Abigail keeps walking as she says, “I only want to marry someone I fall in love with.”

“But I thought we were in love.”

She stops and drops her head before she turns to face him.  She stares into his brown eyes and says, “You can’t buy my love Todd.  But at least now you know why I asked you to bring my motorcycle here.”  She takes a deep breath as she stares into his hurt eyes to say, “And don’t get me wrong, you are a great guy… I’m just not the right person for you.”  She turns back around as he remains frozen on this sunny day.

After she makes it to her bike in the parking lot, she puts on her helmet and hits the button on the left side of it so that instead of being the black image that hides everything, a view of everything around is illuminated within the helmet.  She says, “Music” so the music in the helmet begins to play her internet radio stations.  The motorcycle is brought to life as she revs it over the sound of her mother screaming on the ground.  She takes off onto the bridge and rides her way towards the city.

The sun’s rays lick on the banister to her right as the ripples on the ocean dance with the flickers of light.  The image of an incoming call illuminates in her helmet and with the words ‘mother calling’ blinking in red little letters.  She says, “Ignore” so the blinking goes away.  Shortly after her command, another call from her mother blinks at her face.  She says, “Ignore” again and focuses on the gray road that’s stretching into the distant city.  The helmet blinks her mother calling again, so she says, “Block caller” as she speeds up.  The helmet blinks with another call from Todd’s phone, so she says, “No more phone calls for the next three days.”  She looks to the gray skyscrapers bunched together on the island ahead with a smirk accepting her freedom.

When her ride across the bridge comes to an end, she lets the city swallow her into its clutches.  She examines the homeless people in abundant supply sleeping on the corners as the civilians continue to chat and walk over them like they’re inanimate objects.  She turns into an alley and splashes in the puddles of unknown liquid until she sees a hidden black door with a subtle black light illuminated on a thin strip above it.  She props up her bike with the kickstand and puts her helmet on the back seat.  As she’s walking up to the door, she feels a man grab her hair and pull her deeper into the alley.

He slams her back against the wall and licks on her neck with his nostrils exhaling his desirous lust for her.  She chuckles as he’s licking her, so he stops and asks her, “What’s so funny?”

She looks at his porkly nose accompanied by his fat cheeks and says, “If you really wanted to have sex this bad, then why didn’t you just ask me?”

He straightens himself up and says, “I don’t trust you sweet cheeks, now shut the fuck up so I can concentrate.”  His stubby fingers grab onto her neck as he feels her chest with his free hand.

She says, “I’m serious.  I’m looking for a good time and it looks like it already found me.”

He stops again and examines her smile.  She examines his face and neck and sees that there are no alarming lumps anywhere.  He asks, “Are you serious?”  So she shines her teeth and strokes her nose across his neck until she strums it softly across his lips and his chin.

Abigail says, “Why don’t you put your back on the wall so I can get you started by sucking your dick?”

He chuckles as he switches places with her and unbuckles his pants.  He says, “I guess this is my lucky day.”

She slides her face down to his exposed shortcoming as a man while saying, “You got that right.”

His head tilts up with his mouth open in anticipation for the texture of her warm tongue on his puttering member.  Abigail looks back up at him to see that his eyes are no longer on her, so she reaches into her boot and jams her knife into his manhood and then forces the blade to pin it to his stomach.  As he’s about to scream, she stands up to covers his mouth and stares him in the eyes.  She asks, “What’s wrong?  I thought you wanted to have a good time” before she knees the butt of her knife deeper into his stomach.

The rapist slides down the wall with his severed guilt stuck to himself.  She places her boot on him and takes her knife out and wipes all of his remains on his shirt before she puts it back into her boot.  After she stands up and swipes her palms together a couple times, she sees a man with skin of bronze and hair like sheep’s wool staring at her with a grin on his face.  His golden brown eyes flicker as he says, “I guess you handled yourself before I had to do anything.”

She replies, “Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I’m defenseless.”

“I see that.”  He looks her up and down before he asks, “What’s your name?”

“You can call me Serena.”

“Serena huh?”  They remain still until he opens the door she was examining before.  He says as he’s walking inside, “Are you coming or not?”

She looks at the former rapist one last time before she walks into the black hallway and shuts the door behind them.


Serena’s Initiation

Serena follows the stranger into an open room with a half-oval table of four men staring at her without any expressions.  The man of bronze that she followed taps on the metal chair away from the table and sits down at the open seat in the center of all the men.  Serena sits in the seat and examines all of the burly men hunched over like bears that refuse to let her out of their sights.  Scars are on their arms and some of their faces from battles she’s never heard of.  Everyone has a monstrous physique except for the man that led her into the room.  His is more of a slender shape with obvious muscle definition showing through his skin tight shirt.

The man in the center leans forward so that his face is heavily shadowed like the rest of the men because of the one light above them.  He says, “They call me The Devastator.  These men beside me are my Legions; and they aren’t the smiling type as you can see.  I invited you here because you showed an interest in protecting people that you know nothing about through our exchanged emails; just like everyone in this room before you.”  He points to the man at his far left and says, “That’s Ballrug.  He came to me about two years ago after his brother was slaughtered in the streets by some gangsters.  He was a wreck until he personally bent their heads back until he saw their spines; one by one.  So now he’s vowed to protect this city with his life, and his scars on his face remind him to always have his guard up.”  The Devastator points to the main next to Ballrug and says, “This black beauty is Koda.  He saw me taking out some robbers in my personal fashion, so he joined me instantly and has never looked back to his old life.  He was a little skinny to join me at first, but after I finished beefing him up, he’s quite a warrior.”  Devastator points to the man directly to his right and says, “This is Bear.  His wife and child were taken away from us in a brutal car accident.  He came to me because he said he no longer has a reason to live, so I showed him that there’s a reason to protect the innocence of others.  You could say he’s become quite fond of it.”  The Devastator points to the farthest man to his right and says, “And finally you have my good friend Jerry.  He kept his real name because he doesn’t care if the corrupted officers of this city find him.  He’s personally taken out fifteen officers and too many criminals to count.  Believe it or not, he’s very skilled in remaining unseen.”  The Devastator stretches his arms out to say, “And together, we’re the unknown protectors of this city of Demsy.  Do some crimes slip through our fingers?  Unfortunately, yes.  But we make sure that we watch over our sectors as closely as possible.  So I ask you Abigail, or should I say, Serena… what makes you think you can join us?”

Serena takes a deep breath and says, “Well… even though I don’t have the size that you men have or the ability to run a secret alliance like you’ve been able to do Devastator… I know that there’s a desire within me to help others.  The only difference with my help, is that I tend to help with violent actions.  Most girls grow up watching pretty princess stories and believe the lie of a fairy-tale where everything works out and everybody lives happily ever after; while I grew up with a mother that always showed me that violence will leave a mark on someone’s heart, no matter how intense the beating.  And my father was always a good guy until I found out that he was poisoned by my mother because she wanted the insurance money.  I never turned her in because I was just a little girl, and the beating she gave me for finding out was enough to keep my mouth shut until it was too late for any officers to collect any evidence.  I’ve never been able to forgive myself for that, so I feel that killing some criminals might ease the pain.  How many?  I don’t know.  All I know is that I don’t have the desire to live without taking out as many criminals as I can before I go.  So I’m willing to always follow your commands and I will undergo any training that you require.”

The Devastator nods and says, “Is that right?… I’m sorry to hear about your father.  Have you done anything to your mother for what she’s done to your family?”

“Well, I put a cigarette out on her head at my wedding and then hit her face with my motorcycle helmet.”

He laughs and nudges Koda with his elbow and then clears his throat.  “Nice.  But ok… if you really think you have what it takes.  Let’s see if your body does as well.  Anybody can have the will of a warrior, but, not everyone has the body of a warrior.”  He looks at his men and says, “Gentlemen” so they stand up and surround her in her chair.  She stands up and looks all of them in the eye cautiously before The Devastator says, “Follow me” and leads her to the next room to their right with his men still surrounding her.

They enter a green room that’s lined with mats all around and has gym lights all across the ceiling.  Devastator points to the circle in the center of the room, so Serena steps into it and turns to face him as his men continue to surround her in the form of a square.  Devastator smiles as he says, “Are you ready?”

She replies, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to be ready for.”

“You’ll know when we start.  But first, I need you to take out all of your weapons and hand them to me.”  He walks over to her and holds his palm in an upward position in front of her chest.  She looks down and sighs before she takes out the knife in her boot and hands it to him.  He clears his throat and bounces his hand, so she rolls her eyes and takes out the miniature pistol from her hip, the other knives at her sides and the pole at the side of her left leg.  He says, “That’s better” and calmly turns around and throws the weapons on the ground in a corner.  He stands at a safe distance and crosses his arms.  He stares her in the eyes with a grin and says, “Are you ready?”

She says, “I guess-” and feels her stomach caving in from a kick by one of the guys.  As she begins to hunch over, she feels her left cheek knocking into her right cheek as she’s punched by Koda.  Her body falls limp, but then she’s kicked two feet outside of the circle by Bear from her side.  She rolls over herself until she stops and screams in pain.  Jerry lifts her by her hair and punches her face from his grasp.  He wiggles his knuckles to see her blood dance on his hand before Ballrug picks up her body and punts her like a ragdoll.  They remain motionless as they stare at her screaming in pain on the ground.  She spits out some blood as her clinched eyes hold back the welling tears of pain.  She stairs at the men who hit her and picks her withered body up with trembling arms.  She wipes the blood from under her nose and slowly backs into a corner to try and eliminate an attack from behind.  Yet as she’s stepping back, she realizes that she has no idea where Jerry is.  Her eyes flare open as she feels her back bump into something other than a wall.  But before she can try to defend herself, she feels his arms wrap around her thin waist as he drives her to the ground and skids her face on the mat below them.  She lies motionless with her heavy breathing as her only comfort.

Devastator walks up to her and asks, “Had enough yet?” She remains a panting mess until she opens one of her bloodshot eyes in his direction.  He smiles at the rage within her as her shaky body picks itself up.  She spits more blood on the ground and winces when she brushes her hand on the mat burn on her cheek.  He walks away with the same grin on his face and watches from a safe distance again.

She looks to her left and locks eyes with Koda before she feels Bear punch her in her chest.  She flies back to the ground, so the men rush over and kick her repeatedly as she covers her face and stomach with her beaten arms.  After weakness drops her guard in front of her face for a second, she feels a foot connect with her head.  Her arms drop from their protective position, so Jerry picks her up by the skin at the side of her hip and flings her behind his body.  The skin that was grabbed hangs over itself with an oozing wound trickling down her leather pants.  She remains motionless, so Devastator holds up his hand and walks over to check her pulse.  Her heart’s still beating, so he nods at the men and walks back to his position.

The men attacking her walk towards her and surround her to hit her again.  As Ballrug is lifting his right leg to stomp on her, her eyes flare open and she jams her fist into his privates.  He winces as he grabs her hand that hit him and throws he body into Koda.  Koda catches her and slams her to the ground.  After she bounces with pain, she quickly turns and bites his leg to make him yell.  He rips his leg away from her teeth before Jerry kicks her legs and spins her withered body on the ground.  She rolls and leaps into him, but is slammed without any struggle.  Jerry lifts his right leg to stomp on her, but she swivels around and kicks his other leg to send him to the ground.  As Bear’s charging at her, she kicks his face and turns his head.  He turns back to her and smiles before he hits her in her face.  She falls onto her back and lies in her panting mess.  Devastator yells, “That’s enough!” so the men stop their next charge and stare at her on the ground.

When Devastator walks up to her, he picks her up and hears her wincing within his arms.  She asks with her beaten voice, “How come you didn’t fight me you pussy?”

He laughs as he carries her into the next room and says, “Because I can’t hit a girl.  No matter what.”

“Afraid I’d take you down?”

He tries to keep from bouncing to much with laughter to keep her pain as minimal as possible.  He then says, “I’m sure you noticed the scars on my men.  Well I’ll tell you they didn’t get those from their acts of being a vigilante with me.  I initiated all of them, so they know they should never attack me.”

“Well, they’re not so tough.”

“I think your withered state says the opposite.”  She chuckles but then grunts in pain to stop her laughter.  He says, “But you did very well.  Now the second part of this test is to see if you heal completely.  If you do, you’re in.  If not, I give you a parting gift of five million dollars and you’re sworn to secrecy.  I was seeing if you would hit my men even though there was no way that you would win… because a true warrior will never give up in any battle.  Even if they know they can’t win.  Also, you never know when you may be attacked, so I couldn’t let you know when the battle would begin.  So great job Serena; now prove to me that you’re woman enough to join us.”  They make it into the room next to the matted room that’s full of beds and oval holes in the ground the size of a body.  He places her body in one of the ovals and pours alcohol on her.  She screams at the top of her lungs, so he says, “This is to kill all of the bacteria that might be resting on your wounds.”  The alcohol drains below her, so he steps back and opens a closet door and holds a big bag of sugar above her.  She looks up and then closes her eyes when she sees him pouring it on her body.  She trembles with screaming pain as he says, “And this is to help with the healing process…  Don’t move from this spot until I come and get you.  I know it hurts, but all of us had to do it.”

She yells, “Fuck you!”

So he chuckles and says, “I know.  But just give it a little bit because after it’s finished with it’s job, you’ll feel better.”  She trembles until the pain adds up too much in her brain; so she passes out.  Devastator nods and then gets on his knees to clean her face.

After she wakes up in a couple hours, she looks down to see that she’s in some new clothes on one of the beds in the room.  She picks up the white gown at her hips and then looks around to see no one around her.  She winces as she turns to the side and stands up from the bed.  She walks over to the door she came into and enters the matted room.  She sees Devastator waiting in a chair outside of the door with a smile growing on his face.  Her eyes widen as she scans the room quickly to see if she’s about to be attacked; so he chuckles and says, “Relax, they’re not here right now.  No one is going to harm you from this group anymore.  You have my word.”

She asks, “Where are they?”

“Duty calls.  But… how do you feel?”

She takes in a deep breath and says, “Is that all you got?”

He chuckles and says, “Welcome to the Legion, Serena.  Your training starts tomorrow, so rest up.”

She finally smiles as she says, “Thank you Devastator.”  She looks at her grown and then back at his face as she asks, “Did you change me?”

“Yes, and call me D.  You’ve earned it.  And I have to admit that I was doubtful of your will to fight.  A girl with your physique isn’t usually able to handle a beating like that.  And when I offered you the five million dollars you didn’t even consider it.  So nice job.  Did you play soccer or volleyball or something?”

“I did both.  How’d you know?”

“You all have the same type of body for the most part.  Very pretty; and far from the brute type.”

She curtsies as she says, “Thank you.  But… how do you get the funds for this… operation?”

“Let’s just say that I may have been the creator of many inventions and they’ve allowed us to have an endless supply of income.  But enough about that.  Get some rest so you’ll be ready for your training.”

“What kind of training.”

“I’m going to teach you how to fight now.  There’s no reason to send you to your grave out there.  Because battles are very one sided out there; and my buddy Koda was successful in taking out sixteen men by himself.  The others have taken out a multitude on their own as well, but they don’t confess as much as Koda does to me.”  She blinks rapidly and shakes her head, so he smiles and says, “I’ll see you tomorrow” before he gets up and walks out of the room.

She turns back into the room and eats the food that she sees on the tray to the left of her bed.  She then lies down and goes to sleep.

Serena Suits up

Serena stands in the matted room in an outfit made of spandex.  D stands across from her only wearing spandex shorts with a grin on his face.  He says, “I’m going to make sure your reflexes are as fine tuned as possible so you won’t over think your attacks in the heat of battle.  Thinking is always recommended though because you will need to think on your toes when someone is trying to steal your life and the lives of many innocent people in a way that I could never prepare you for.  Because even though I hate to admit it, the fate of all of us is sealed.”

Serena asks, “And what fate do you believe is sealed for all of us?”

“Every warrior that fights for justice will end up being killed one way or another.  A normal life is not something we can enjoy once we’ve sworn loyalty to protect others and put our lives on the line.  We are not Superman, and we are not Dragon Ball Z characters; so when we die, we die.  You need to understand this because there is no other way out of this business.  It’s what happened to the ones that trained me and the ones before them.  Okay?”

She shrugs while saying, “Okay.”

“Good.  Now…” he slides his feet into a fighting stance as he says, “attack me.”

She pops her knuckles and rolls her neck around before she hops to loosen up her legs.  He chuckles to himself as he remains motionless.  Her feet repeatedly attack the ground as she closes the gap between them.  She yells as she leaps into the air to kick him.  He steps to the side and grabs her swiftly as he turns her body upside down and slams her on her back.  After she thuds on the ground, she looks up at him to see that he’s still in the same fighting stance as before.  She asks, “How did you do that?”

“I’ve been fighting for a while.  And a word of advice, never leave your feet unless you have to.  You have the type of body men love to throw around, so don’t make it easy for them to do that.”  He helps her to her feet before he gets back in his stance and says, “Again.”

She mimics his fighting stance, so he smirks at her as he locks her eyes within his.  She throws a multitude of punches at him that are blocked without any struggle.  She grunts and kicks with her swinging arms, but he remains unmoved by her actions.  He says as she’s throwing punches at him, “You’re thinking too much” so her face scrunches as she tries to find a weak spot on him.  He sighs as he grabs her left arm with his left hand and spins her around until he has her locked in his arms from behind her back.  She feels his breath on her neck as they remain motionless with her panting from exhaustion.  He asks, “Why did you stop fighting?”

She squirms in his arms, but he holds her still.  He feels her body relax as she says, “Ugh, how am I supposed to hit you like this?”

She feels him smile as he says, “Hit your head on whoever holds you like this on their nose.  But if they’re too tall for that, use your heel to stomp out their toes or hit their balls.  If that isn’t an option as well, use your nails or your teeth to get free.  If none of those are an option, prepare for the after life.  Now attack me.”

“Are you going to let me free to attack you?”

“Would you ask someone that’s trying to kill you that question?”

She sighs before she tries stomping out his toes.  He reads all of her attacks with ease as he dodges her stomps and eventually lifts her up so she can’t touch the ground anymore.  Her legs swing backwards to try and hit his privates, but he counters every attack by kicking her legs before they reach him.  Her head swings violently until she feels his chin hit her head.  He winces as his grip lightens slightly, so she pinches his left tricep until she can wiggle around some more.  As she’s about to get free, she feels him take her to the ground while spinning her to face him.  Her back hits the ground with his face inches from hers.  They remain motionless as he stares at her with the same smirk.  Her eyes move up and down his face as their breath touches each other.

He eventually stands up from on top of her and says, “Again.”  She stands up and brushes herself off and hesitates from attacking him.  He asks, “Something on your mind?”

“Honestly yeah.  I didn’t know this was going to be so intimate.”

He chuckles as he relaxes his stance to say, “Well fighting is a very intimate thing to do.  There’s a reason that a lot of warriors in the old days would shack up with each other after a battle in the spartan days.  It’s also the reason that a lot of people after fighting with their loved one or someone they’re dating have great sex right after their done.”

“Yeah that makes sense…” her eyes close slightly with her lips pressed together before she asks, “Have you and your guys…”

“Ew no… I’m as straight as they come.  Now two of my men may have enjoyed each other one time or another after a couple of excursions, but I’ll never tell you which ones they were.  That’s their business.  And speaking of business” he slides back into his fighting stance and says, “you still have to attack me.”

She smirks at him and throws a couple of punches before he grabs her hand and holds his hand to her neck.  He says, “You’re dead.  Again.”  She throws one punch but he spins her around and wraps his hands around her head and says, “You’re dead.  Again.”  She throws a couple more punches before he locks her head under his arm and says, “You’re dead.  Again.”  A grunt comes out of her before she throws more punches at him.  Instantly she’s stopped again before he says, “You’re dead.  Again.”

She snaps, “Stop saying that.”

“Make me.”  Her face changes from a smirk to a grimace before a couple more attacks from her end with him saying, “You’re dead.  Again.”  She attacks with her legs but gets swept off of her feet and lands with his arms around her neck again with his body behind her.  He says, “You’re dead.  Again.”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“Make me.”

She screams and attacks wildly, so he counters her and locks her to say, “You’re dead.  Again.”

She continues to be frustrated by his constant display of power over her without breaking a sweat.  The days turn into weeks until a couple months of vigorous fighting have been shared between them.  Her fighting is now almost equal to his as she matches his speed and counters him to catch him off guard a couple of times.  When she throws too many attacks at him to protect himself, she wraps her hands around his head and says, “Now you’re dead.”

He chuckles as he pats her on her side while saying, “Good job.  We can finally move on to your next task.”

“Thank God.  But what do you have in mind now?”

“Release me and join me outside.”

“Aw… but I was enjoying being in control of you.”

“Don’t get used to it.  But come on.”  She releases his neck, so they go outside.

Devastator looks to his left and his right before they climb up a ladder at the side of the building.  She follows behind him and asks, “Can you tell me something?”

“Depends on what you’re asking.”

“It’s about what you said about the people who trained you.”

“Ask me when we’re at the top of the building.”


He makes it to the top and then lends her a hand to hoist her up.  As she’s about to speak again, he puts his finger on her lips and walks over to kick a latch on top of the roof closed.  He scans the area and then nods at her, so she asks, “Are there more people like us out there?”


“How many?”

“Enough.  Why?”

“I just wanted to know if we would have help if we were in a serious bind?”

“I see.  Well the answer to that question is no.  They can’t jeopardize giving up their location.  Speaking of which, if we ever are compromised and someone comes here to slaughter us, I will tap on my leg if I have the chance to stall them.  There’s a secret hatch in the medical room that will lead you to a separate location very far from here.  The code for the hatch is 777 and you are to never give that information out.  Understand?”


“Good.  Now, the next task isn’t really a task but it’s really just something to get you familiar with being on rooftops.  I want you to stand at the edge and look down at the ground.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“So… after this task I’ll be given a sector like the other men and I’ll be watching over it?”

“Exactly.  I can’t teach you how to prepare more than I have because everything from here on out depends on your quick thinking abilities.  I figure you’ll do fine with thinking because of how well you manipulated that rapist into thinking you wanted to suck his dick before you killed him.  Also, girls think a lot more than the average guy so I doubt it’ll be like trying to teach bear how to do math.  I love the guy, but violence is definitely his calling.  I’m just glad he’s on our side.”

“I see.  Well then I’ll get comfortable.”

“Good.  Also, feel free to jump from building to building if you like.  It’s what I do.  So trust your instincts and I’ll see you inside when you’re finished out here.”  She nods, so he smirks at her and goes back into the lair.

The breeze lifts her hair above her shoulders as she scans the city.  The smell of urine and manure are vacant where she is, so she’s enjoying this position a lot more already.  The people look the size of beetles as they interact with each other without any knowledge of her spying on them.  She locks her eyes on the building next to her, so she starts sprinting towards it and leaps to make it to the grey ledge.  Her foot slips on impact and she falls with her eyes frantically searching for something to grab onto.  She sees a ladder to her right, so she grabs one of the bars and lowers the ladder as she continues to fall.  When the ladder clicks to stop, her grip slips and she quickly turns her body to face the ground.  After a front flip in free fall, she lands with her hands and her feet on the ground as she pants heavily.

She hears the click of a gun to her head as she remains motionless, so she whips around and smacks the gun while punching him in the face.  The guy falls unconscious, so she takes the gun and says, “Thanks” as she heads into the lair again.

After she opens the door, Devastator asks, “Almost kill yourself?”


He chuckles as he says, “Then you’re ready now.”

Serena’s First Watch


Serena wakes up in her designated room in their lair.  She scans her black surroundings and sees a letter on her grey nightstand.  Her beige sheets are moved from her body as she slides over to read what D placed next to her.  It simply says, “Your sector is between 95th and 135 Street.  And in between those streets, you cover everything within two blocks of those areas.  Have fun, and make sure I don’t have to give you an obituary.  Kick some ass.”

She grins and then walks over to the black dresser in the corner of the room.  She sees her leather outfit she wore on her first day along with her knives, her pole and the gun she took from the man on the street on top of it.  She shakes her head with a grin as she whispers, “Thanks D” and suits up for her first day on watch.  She then walks to their underground garage by hitting the button under her dresser to open the secret door to her left.  It drops her down so that she sees her motorcycle with a fresh new black paint job with red accents next to the other vehicles.  She marvels at the hummer with weapons taking over every corner of the car and the sports cars that are resting on their undercarriage until someone turns them on.  She smiles as she says, “Awesome” and hops on her bike to notice it has no license plate anymore.  She puts on her helmet and hits the side of it to illuminate her surroundings.  The screen pops on inside of the helmet and says, “Good morning Serena… new additions have been added to my features.”

Pictures of weapons hidden on the sides and behind the front and tail light begin to flash on the screen in red.  The computer in her helmet says, “To access these weapons, use the voice commands of which weapon you want to use and I will obey.  And D says, ‘I hope you enjoy the gifts.’  Do you understand?”

She smirks again and says, “Loud and clear.”

“Thank you master.  Call me if you need anything.”

“I will  computer.  Thank you.”

“Your welcome master.”

The garage opens at the ramp, so she turns on her bike to hear the new horsepower ricochet off of the wall.  She takes off into the street and bullets past every car until she makes it to her destination.  Horns yell at her chaos on the road as she smiles with her middle finger waving at all of her spectators.  She makes it to her sector and parks her bike behind a trash bin.  When she hits a new button she sees on her helmet, her bike turns into a chameleon.  She moves her head diagonally in disbelief to see the slight outline of where her bike is.  She chuckles while saying, “Oh fuck yeah” and struts down the alley with heat rising from the street on this chilly day.

As she asks, “Where to first?” she hears glass shatter to her right.  She creeps over to see a clerk being held at gunpoint by a man hiding his face with a ski mask.

As the trembling man throws up his hands, the crook yells, “Gimme the fucking money!”

The trembler says, “I… I, I can’t… It’s, it’s locked and, and, and”

“And, and, and, spit it out motha fucka!”

“And, and, its, its locked.”

“You said that bitch!”  He becomes impatient, so he pistol whips the clerk and hops behind the counter.

His grin shines through his mask as his eyes widen from the anticipation of a payday.  Serena points her gun at the man’s shoulder and takes out his firing arm.  He yells violently as he searches for who shot him.  He picks up the gun with his usable arm and fires wildly at nothing.  He yells at the person on the ground, “Did you fucking hit an alarm for the cops!?” before he draws his gun at the man’s head.

Serena whispers to herself, “I tried to keep from killing you” as she frees another bullet to shatter brains on the wall.  The stuttering man creeps from the ground and shakes as he looks out of the broken window.  He sees the brown hair on Serena’s head show that she’s there before he sees her face.

He examines her some more until he sees that she has a gun.  He yells, “Please, please, don’t, du, du, don’t, ki, ki, kill… mu, mu, me…”

She waves him off and says, “Relax, I’m not here to hurt you.  Carry on with your day and go home to your family.”

“Thank, tha, tha, tha, thank, you.”

“You’re welcome.”

She climbs up the ladder of the building behind her and watches the police rush to the location in an instant.  She watches the clerk wave and point his hands at the ground and the criminal as the police try and figure out who took this man out.  The clerk throws up his hands and shrugs his shoulders to deny any trace of Serena being there.  She smirks and says, “Good boy” before she turns her attention to the rest of her sector.

Screams echo from two blocks down, so she leaps from the top of her building to the building next to her and looks below.  A woman’s clothes are being ripped off by the eager hands of one man as another holds her upper body still.  Her dainty legs kicks for any salvation as liquid lust leaks out of a man’s eager mouth.  He says, “I love it when they scream” to his counterpart that chuckles his idiocy into the woman’s ear.

Serena slides down the side of the building by a pole and leaps off with her knife in hand.  As her hair waves to the beat of falling air, she raises her arms with the blade in front of her and adjusts her hands to be aligned with the top of the eager man’s head.  She plants the blade in the top of the man’s skull and takes out her pole to whack the shocked counterpart of the deceased man.  His head dents in and leaves him unconscious on the ground.  The woman shakes as he falls to ground before she wraps Serena with her arms and says, “Thank you, thank you so much.”

The woman is pat on the back before Serena nods at her and climbs up the ladder to observe her surroundings again.  She says to herself, “Damn, this city really is always full of corrupt bastards.  Probably just too many people in this world to begin with.”

She hears frantic footsteps to her left, so she looks down to see a man running from five different men.  He runs out of alleyway and darts around to fake out the men who were chasing him.  They smile at him as they charge and the closest one to him punches him in the face.  Another goon hits the defending man in his ribs before one of the other five men kicks his shin to send him to the ground.  The defenseless man curls into the fetal position and takes constant kicks to his forearms and his legs along with his open back.  Serena throws her stick at the men and races down the stairwell to help him out.

One of the men is hit with her spinning stick, so he grunts and rubs his head as he searches for who hit him.  Her foot plants on his open chin and causes the other four men to look at what’s going on.  She raises herself from the ground as the person she knocked out lies at her feet.  The goons look at each other with the right side of their face scrunched together before they see her slide into a fighting stance.  The one who seems to be leading the attack says, “Lady, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“I’m stopping some pussies from ganging up on one person.”

The man on the ground says, “Thank God.”

The person at the man’s back kicks him, so she says, “If you really call yourselves fighters, then come and get me.”

They surround her before the one who seems to be leading the pack charges at her.  She evades his attack and hits the man to her left and does a forward roll to the person next to him.  She pops up with a swift kick to his face and plants her foot on the shin of the man behind her to break it on impact.  He falls to the ground and grips his broken leg as the last man standing is caught in a fist fight with Serena.

A barrage of fists are exchanged between them with Serena only landing her punches.  His face whips side to side with his teeth losing their grip on his gums.  Blood begins to replace the spit flying from his mouth before he steps back and tries to compose himself.  She charges and kicks him in his chest to make him pant on the ground in his own defeat.  She stands above him and says, “What did you learn?”

He spits out another tooth followed by blood before he says, “But he stole from the bar I work at.”

She turns back to the person who’s cowering on the ground and walks over to ask, “Did you steal from them?”

He looks up slowly and says, “I needed it.”

She kicks him in his face and takes the money that’s revealed in his pocket to give it to the bloodied man.  She says, “I’m sorry for what happened to you guys.  But next time, just fight him one on one and be more aware of your money.”  The man on the ground sighs and lays his head back after she puts the money in his pocket.  She climbs up the ladder and scans her sector some more for any trouble.

A yawn consumes her face as she’s scanning the ground.  She sees a group of police officers surround a man walking down the street with a little girl on his shoulders.  She reads their faces to see that fear is all that the man holding the girl is displaying.  The officers heads are snapping like they’re barking orders, yet the man is shaking his head as he places his little girl on the ground slowly.  Serena’s face scrunches with questions, so she slowly creeps down the side of the building to hear what’s being said.

An officer says, “You shouldn’t have crossed him Tony.”

The man replies, “I don’t know how I crossed him by denying his offer kindly.  He said that I had a choice in the matter, so I declined.”

“Now why would you wanna do something as stupid as that?”

“I’d rather spend time with my little girl without having to worry about our safety.  Please, I don’t want any trouble.  I just want to continue raising Cynthia in peace.  I never wanted to be a part of the game and I want to make sure she stays safe from any harm that may come from that kind of work.”

“You know we can’t let you leave after showing you what we do.”

The electrified nightsticks of the officers are drawn as the little girl is pried away from her father’s hand.  She screams as her brown locks are tossed to the side with her fragile body.  The father takes a swing at the officers and takes out one of them before he screams from one of the electrified sticks hitting his back.  He falls to the ground and convulses from every electrifying attack administered to his body.  Serena swings from the nearby stairwell and twists after her legs wrap around one of the officer’s necks.

As his eyes lose their hold of his soul, she kicks every other officer in the face with a roundhouse kick and yells, “Go!” to the man and his little girl.  They flee with the girl being picked up on her father’s battered shoulders as Serena continues to deliver justice to the dirty officials.

She takes the camera’s on their bodies and stomps all of them out so that her face isn’t discovered by whoever they work for.  She then grabs the electrified stick from the officer she sent into the afterlife and beats the rest of them to hell with their friend.  After she’s panting from a day full of violence, she drops her head and makes her way back to her chameleon bike.  She puts on her helmet and illuminates the bike to take off to the hideout.

After she parks back in the garage and makes her way to the main area, she sees D, Ballrug, Bear, Jerry and Koda walking into the training room.  Devastator turns around when he hears something behind them and then nods for his men to continue going into the training room.  He asks, “How was your first day?”

“Very tiring… but it was awesome at the same time.”

“Good.  And did you fight as we agreed?”

“I did.  I only killed killers and rapist and I beat up the people that were only fighting.”

“Eye for an eye.”

“Eye for an eye.”

He smirks at her and begins to walk into the room before she asks, “How do you guys do this everyday though?”

He pauses and looks back at her with the same grin on his face.  He says, “Good question” and then examines her up and down before saying, “I’ll see ya tomorrow” and walks into the room to train with his men.

She smirks at him and puts her ear to the door to hear what they’re doing.  She hears D say, “Prove to me that you either deserve to be the new leader, or that I should still lead all of you.  Ready when you are.”  She hears constant grunts and punches smacking the surface of their skin and takes her head back with wide eyes by realizing Devastator is fighting all four of those men at the same time.

She asks herself, “How often do they try and overtake him?” before she goes to clean herself up from a tiring day.

Serena Meets D

Serena’s mind fades from her dreams to see light slightly touching her face from the slightly opened door.  Caution holds her still until her eyes blink twice while her head slowly turns to the right.  The blurred silhouette of a man stands on the other side of the door until her sight focuses to see D.  She sees him without any expressive creases on his face as he turns his head to face every room with busy eyes.  When his mouth wiggles back and forth slightly, she sees him drop his eyes and walk to the right of her vision.  She slides up from her shadowed sheets and looks down at the floor to watch where she places her right foot.  A subtle wooden creak presses into her ears, so her mouth flexes a slight frown until she sees the coast is clear.  She picks up the pajama pants on the ground and puts on a black laced bra from the black dresser to her right.

Her green right eye dashes back and forth in between the slightly opened door.  After her left hand slowly pushes the door to her body’s size, she squeezes out and focuses on the blue light making shadows within itself on the wall.  She focuses on where the light is coming from and sees the back of D’s head.  She glides over to his opened door and rests her left hand on the inside of the door-frame as she looks at the television screen full of happy faces.  After she hears D’s voice say, “Honey, you gotta see this!  Say it again angel” she realizes this is a family video.

The child supporting its chubby body with legs full of rolls smiles its full cheeks as its stubby fingers reach for the lens of the camera.  The camera moves to the side as the sound of multiple short kisses that were finished with a blow on a chubby neck cause giggling to rest in Serena and D’s ears.  The camera goes back to the baby’s face while D says, “Come on Cynthia, say it one more time for daddy.”  Cynthia hops up and down rapidly without leaving the ground as she puts her right pointer finger in her mouth with her left hand cradling her right palm.

Cynthia looks back at the Camera and says, “Da-da” so D holding the camera shouts, “That’s my girl!”

A woman with subtle athletic curves kneels down with wide brown eyes as she turns her head full of black whimsical curls to face D holding the camera.  Laughter comes out of D from behind the camera again before the woman says in a Middle Eastern accent, “Did she just say?!”

D laughs and says, “Yes!  She said Da-da!”

The woman picks up Cynthia and says, “Great job Cynthia!  Great job my little baby!” and smothers her chubby cheeks with kisses after she pulls her curly black hair to the side of her head.  She says, “That’s my girl.” and hugs her tightly as she bounces Cynthia’s body up and down.

D says, “Hey, I was there for the baking process too.  Don’t act like those nine months were only hell for you.”  They chuckle with each other, so he says, “I still feel like we need an exorcist after you blew up on me for eating the chips that one time.”

The woman says, “Don’t listen to daddy” in Cynthia’s ear before she plucks her with kisses again.  She then turns to face D and says, “I love you.”

D replies, “I love you too Nala.”  The camera is put to the side and only sees the white sectional couch with the painting of the Eiffel Tower on the wall.  The sound of D kissing Nala hits D and Serena’s ears again as D’s focus on the television screen zooms out until he sees the reflection of Serena peaking through his doorway.  He slides his left pointer finger under his nose a couple times before he pauses the video.  D asks, “Can I help you Serena?”

Serena replies, “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“I mean.  Obviously something happened to your family.  It must have been traumatic, so I want to say I’m sorry.”

D presses his lips together with his eyes facing the rug on the wooden floor.  He brings his head back up and says, “Do you really wanna know why I do this?”  He turns his face to her’s resting in the doorway, and then points his open palm at the top of his white sheets with golden accents.

Serena mixes her smile with awkwardness as she says, “Yeah… I’m not wearing a shirt.”

D chuckles and asks, “Are you at least wearing a bra?”


“Then you don’t have to worry about me molesting you.  You can take a seat and I will still pay attention to you and be able to speak clearly with you.  Although, I can’t say the same for my men; so in the future, wear clothes if you’re leaving your room.”  She hesitates, so he drops his palm towards the bed again and puts his hand on his white and black chair’s arm.   She walks into the room and sits on the bed with her body facing D.  He turns his head and laughs after he sees her only wearing a bra.

Serena says, “Sorry for spying on you by the way.”

“No worries.  It could have been someone a lot worse than you.”

Serena’s face scrunches as her eyes dart back and forth quickly before saying, “Wait, people have broken in here before?”

D chuckles again as he says, “No… but, you never know if someone will one of these days.”


“Relax.  But, since you wanted to see my past, that was my family.  Yes, they were murdered.  By who, I don’t really know.  All that I know is that he did it to get to me, so now I want to find him.  It started this whole operation because I used to just live in solitude with my wife and my baby girl as a prominent business man.  But apparently the quiet life wasn’t the life I was meant to live.  Yet now… I don’t even care to kill anyone besides the man that took away my family.  It wouldn’t bring them back, so what’s the point in killing anyone besides this man?  I honestly wouldn’t care if I died one of these days because then I would be free with my family; in a place where I don’t have to worry about the killing that goes on around here.”

“Can I ask how they… you know?”

D’s face loses all emotions as he says, “You don’t want to know that.  I still get nightmares from all of the blood.  It’s what made me so callous to killing someone that killed someone else.  And it reminds me that I want to kill that bastard still, yet, I would want to die shortly after.  I can’t take the memories anymore.”

Serena’s sorrow calms her face as she says, “Wow… I’m so sorry D.”

“It’s okay.  It’s not like you did it.  But I am curious to know why you’re here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I kill because of what happened to the people I love.  My men kill because of what happened to the people they love; even the ones with rough stories in the past.  They were only killers because they needed to vent their frustration of a serious event in their lives.  I showed them how to kill the people that are like the ones that hurt and killed their loved ones.  So… I’ll ask you again.  Why are you really here?”

“Well a killer killed my father.”

“Yes, your mother.  Yet why didn’t you just kill her if killing is how you want to vent your frustration?  She is the cause of your misery, so she will most likely be the closure that you’re looking for.  Why don’t you want closure?”

“That’s my mother!”

“Do you really feel the emotions that a child should feel towards their mother?”


“Do you really feel like she is a mother to you?  The loving figure that is supposed to make your life a better place and truly nurture you like you desire?”

Serena pauses with her green eyes locked on D’s golden brown eyes.  After he raises his left eyebrow and tilts his head slightly to the left, she sighs and says, “No.  But I’m conflicted because she’s my mother.”

“I know.  So what are you going to do about it?”

“I figure… if I learn how to kill properly and get it out of my system with all of the people that are here hurting other people, it may go away.”

D nods with his lips pressed together on the right side of his mouth.  He breathes deeply from his nostrils until he says, “Take it from a guy that’s been doing this so long that he can’t even count how many people he’s killed…  I don’t care about killing another person.  All I want to do is find the man that killed my wife and our child and kill him.  Then I hope to only die shortly afterwards.  She was my life, so my life ended when I saw her casket having dirt thrown on it at her funeral.  And when I saw the miniature casket right next to hers’, I lost grip of my life.  I gripped a handful of different types of drugs and started snorting, smoking and drinking myself to the afterlife.  Yet after someone punched me in the bar and I snapped on him by beating him until he had to be resuscitated by medical personnel for two hours, I realized I needed to face my problem head on.  So when I find the true reason for my misery; this man, then I will kill him and hope to die shortly after.”

“How do you know it was a man?”

D stares at her without any motion until he can feel her becoming uncomfortable.  After she slightly sits back for any type of response, he says, “He made me watch what happened to her on a video when he had me imprisoned; and then he insisted that he was going to kill me after he knows I’m good and sad.”

“Why did this man capture you and torture you like this?”

D stands up and says, “I told you, I was a prominent business man.  Unfortunately the eyes that watch you when you’re up there are not always good.  I was working on an idea for self-sustaining energy and he wanted it.  Apparently it was more important than life and love to this man.”  He makes his way over to the bed and sits next to her and says, “So, you need to stop running and face your fears head on.  I do believe everything happens for a reason, but you need to understand that sometimes, bad things don’t have to happen if you listen to what’s happening around you.”  D looks off to the side as he says, “I just wish I wouldn’t have thought his death threats on my family were just a prank.”  He looks back at Serena and says, “But you should get to bed” he chuckles while saying, “and next time, if you decide to play secret spy again, make sure you wear clothes.  Your physique is desired by more than just nice honest men.  Okay?”

She chuckles and says, “Okay.  Goodnight D.”

He smiles and says, “Call me Darren.”

“Darren.  You can call me Abigail.  But in front of everyone else it’s Serena.”

They chuckle as he says, “Same rules apply to when you should call me D or Darren.  Now, off you go.”

She hugs him, so he rests his fingers on her back and grips tightly onto her.  A long pause holds them together until Darren sighs and nods for her to leave.  Serena stands up and walks towards the door.  As she turns to go to her room, she looks back to see D still staring at his rug without any expression on his face.  Her eyes scan for any other emotion on his body, yet they still see the emptiness within his heart weighing down his expressions.  She turns away and makes her way back to her bed and goes back to sleep.

Serena Overcoming

Serena drifts through the gray buildings with her mind outside of her body. The dripping sound of water from the fire escapes above her are muffled by the horns and sirens on the busy streets of the city. She walks through the clouds of heat that are seeping through the cracks of manholes beneath her. Her eyes remain locked on the cement floor as her memory flashes a picture of her mother standing above her with an angered finger pointed at her. She hears the echo of her memory yell, “You’re nothing but a weak little mistake!” She sees that the ground has changed from a level surface to a dip into the street where cars are whizzing at the speed of impatience; she turns to her right and continues to walk with her thoughts.

That same memory yells, “You’ll only amount to anything if you find a strong man that you can manipulate enough to actually accept you! Maybe then, I’ll be able to say you accomplished something worth praising!” Her adolescent hands cupped her face as her sandy blonde locks covered the rest of her head. Uncontrollable tears leaked from the sides of her hands and caused more rage to curl the lips of her mother. Serena’s hands were jerked from her face as her mother yelled, “Oh I’ll give you something to cry about! You’re nothing but a weakling! You can’t even take some words before you dirty up my carpet with your tears! Do you know how much this costs, because it’s more than you’ll ever amount to!” Serena pattered her little feet as fast as she could to escape this torment called home. She heard her mother yell, “You can’t escape what you are to me!”

Before she knows it, she is back at her post on the top of an apartment. She scans the sidewalks and streets with empty eyes until she spots some masked people in a black wagon. The emptiness in her eyes fills for a closer look at these people. The car turns and blocks her view with its tinted windows. She squints and keeps her eyes locked on the car. The wagon stops and lets out its masked passengers. She sees four men run into a restaurant next to them in a hunched position to conceal something they are all carrying individually. As soon as the first one kicks open the door, she sees them reveal their semi-automatic rifles and fire in the air to get everyone’s attention. After she hears the screams, she keeps her eyes on the wagon as it drives around the corner and parks next to the building she is standing on. She sighs as she says, “Here we go.”

She leaves the off-white perch on the top of the building through the metal door with its alarm disabled. The elevator straight ahead is open, so she gets inside of it and holds onto the 1 button and the door close button. She doesn’t let her hands off of the buttons and watches the red numbers above the door countdown from 10 until they get to 1. She walks out of the doorway and briskly walks through the revolving glass door to exit the building. She scans rapidly from left to right and then trots to her right where she saw the car park on the street. She peeks around the corner of the building to see the black wagon still parked and waiting for his friends to finish their job in the restaurant.

Her memories echo, “You’re nothing but a weakling! You’re nothing but a weakling! You’re nothing but a weakling!” until she realizes that she picked up the lid of the trashcan on the corner of the street and slammed it into the window of the getaway car. The glass shatters and causes gunshots to emerge from within the car. The pedestrians around them sprint for their lives to get as far away as possible.

She thrusts her hand into the side of the villains arm and hears him scream after his arm snaps on the side of the door. She pries the gun from his mangled arm and pushes it against the area where the neck and chin connect. She feels him swallow deeply as she stares into his green eyes. She grumbles, “Get the fuck out of the car.” He starts to reach for something in the passenger seat, so she arms the gun with a click and watches as his eyes widen. The man puts up his hands and then opens the car door from the outside with both of his hands visible for her. He slowly steps out with his arms still up and gets on his knees as her free hand guided him to do. She sharply whispers, “Give me your mask.” He takes it off and reveals his angered face and brown hair. She bashes the gun against his temple and knocks him out.

After she puts the gun on her hip and his mask on her head, she throws him into the back seat and then gets into the driver seat of the wagon. She looks around to see if there is a timer of some sort for when he is supposed to go back. Then, she hears, “The eagle is ready to fly! Eagle is ready to fly!” through the walkie-talkie in the unconscious man’s pocket. She grins as she puts the car into gear and screams the tires towards the rest of the gang.

She sees everyone involved in the heist waiting on the street with bags full of stolen goods. She screeches to a halt, so they all hop in. She burns out again and then takes a sharp right away from the crime scene. The person in the front passenger seat yells, “What happened to window!?” She ignores him and keeps on barreling down the street at the speed of urgency. The passenger looks at the speedometer and sees that they are going over 90mph on a main street. He yells, “What the hell are you doing ma-” He takes a closer look at her and sees that she has boobs and a feminine figure. He points his gun at her head and yells, “Stop the fucking car or I shoot!” She grins through her mask and slams on the brakes as she slaps the gun forward. Bullets fly out of the barrel and cause the passengers behind her to reach for their guns. As her ears are ringing, she hits the gun above her head with the man still holding onto it and whips the car to the right. More bullets fire out to send jolts of adrenaline through her thirsty veins as she shoves the gun back. The barrel points at the person directly behind her and makes his insides visible on the backseat and passenger door. Shaky screams escape from his lips as she knocks the gun in a whipping motion to face the other person that is about to shoot at her.

The gun flies out of the person next to her’s hand and knocks the gun out of the potential shooter’s hand. The man next to her rears back his fist to strike her. She grins again as she slams on the brakes and makes him slam into the windshield. The person who was trying to shoot her, flies into the front seat and becomes tangled with his friend. She slams on the gas and tangles them together even more. The roar of the engine sends a shiver of goosebumps around her body until her hairs stick through the sleeves on her shirt. Pedestrians and vehicles whiz by the car faster than she cares to make out their different images. Horns flash by as the rise of the engine fuels her glands through the rumble beneath the gas pedal. The rumble of the pedal matches her heartbeat as her eyes remain locked on the building surrounded by cars that are black and white with the occasional grey vehicle.

She sees the gray steps that lead to their destination a hundred feet in front of them. She unlocks her door and slows down just enough to kick the emergency brake so the wagon whips up the steps as it screeches and hops while she rolls out of the car. The men in the wagon were able to grab onto their weapons, so they charge out of the wagon after they compose themselves with rifles in hand. She sprints behind the nearest building and hears gunshots searching for her. She exhales with relief when she hears, “Freeze!” from the top of multiple officers’ lungs. She peaks around the corner and sees the men holding their hands up with their hatred filled eyes still looking in her direction. A cop yells, “On the ground!” and approaches them with his gun pointed at the back of the man on the right’s head. She looks over everyone’s head and sees the Police Station sign smiling back at her. She looks back down at the captured villains and smiles when she sees the officers pulling the unconscious man out of the back of the wagon.

Serena takes off the mask and then makes her way back to the headquarters. She looks around to see the lively people pointing and asking, “What the hell just happened?”
Another person says, “It had to be an undercover or something. I’ve seen stuff like this on t.v.”
“Without a doubt.”

She giggles to herself as she shakes her head. Her mind is at ease when she sees the sun shining beyond the gray clouds above the city. She makes it back to the alley and enters into the headquarters. D locks eyes with her and says, “Glad to see you’re still with us.”
While smirking she says, “I still have work to do before I leave.” She grabs the gun that was on her hip and puts it on the main table as she continues walking to her room.
He smiles at her and never stops watching her. As she is about to close the door, he says, “Some food will be ready pretty soon. Do you have any objections to steak and veggies?”
“Nope. Just make sure my steak is rare.”
His smile never leaves as he says, “Yes ma’am.”

She turns with happiness as she closes the door.