Not hiding

A comment was left since you still take my breath without giving a sign that would cause me to wine to drown out all the whines that were always in chime from the chaos of searching for all that is you.

The thrill of the chase is what some said we crave yet the truth of the moments we share to this day still have us ever laughing and feeling the rays from warmest of glows that bellow from our growth inside our lovely gut that hath twined with no rut since hiccup has not come from this love that we love.

Grateful sounds wasteful but I cannot show or express all the breath that you stole from this wretch, so all I can say, or just write for your taste, is that I feel blessed that you warm me with love.

Whoever will know how we feel and we glow is no longer a fear, ’cause you are my dear.


The Dodged Bullet

As my eyes indulge on sights,
that grunt and quench their face in lift
at such a place where swole is mate
and sculpting bodies is the drug
to all the junkies for the pain
in hopes they will enjoy the gain
that defines what they wish to show
in every picture souls can know;
a bullet that once pierced my heart
had shown it’s cocked and still so sharp
with all the strength that shot me once
and left me crying like a dunce
since I had never been the one
to study school in arts of love.
And when the soul inside those eyes
that set the spark to my demise
had shown that spark was straight to hell
’cause we were never what was well
I took a beating for the scar
to show that we weren’t crossed by star
so I could tell the sign of hell
to leave and stray to where I’m well.
Much thanks in great I give to you
who showed me what we were was through
for I could never think to do
the lowest hit a blow can move.
Farewell to fake and on with new
so I can show just how to prove
what love should be to anyone
that walks this Earth and feels the sun.

The Car

My heart is fading from my eyes,
as thoughts examine what to feel.
The time that adds to here and now,
does not equate to gleeful traits.

That look that once had me in stare,
is now annoying with that glare,
I do not care to pay the fare,
that let’s this vessel anywhere.

It once was all I’d ever want,
when desperation was my friend,
but now it seems I’ve found an end
to wanting something all can get.

Examined features yell at me
to say I’ve stayed too long in play
with such a car that’s never far
from any hand that has a grand.

Love once poured from me so much
that every pedal gave the rush
to keep me in it’s little game
where I was drowning in insane.

I’d do my all to fix a part
as hope would cry within my heart
for any chance to keep the prance
that lifts my feet in happy beat.

Yet the parts were not the death
of all my love for such a trick,
it was the fact that I had known
this car will never be my own.

For I desire something great
that only wants what I can make,
even since a kid was me,
I’ve known a car is wanting thee.

So the testing of the rest
has come to me in my true quest,
to find which make I choose to take
and drive until there is no break.

There was a time I bought repairs
to mend the parts that were in need,
but now I see my needs are great,
and this old car just cannot make.

Remembered past will still be shown
from time to time as I see you;
but memory has ways to say,
I’m better off without that make.

I want to lose

English: Hillside of Hope Brink towards Lose Hill
English: Hillside of Hope Brink towards Lose Hill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stubbornness grabs me
and locks thoughts in box,
when craving a passion
to feel on loves knots.

Hurt is the dish
that flavors my kiss
’til run is the gun
that kills ambition.

Ambition to set
love straight to erect
to help me elect
my heart as my sect.

Yet mind wants betray
to help plant the day
to blossom the one
that makes my hurt done.

But until that day
that I kneel for pray
my hope will still breathe
without holding breath.

Rear View Mirror

While my patience grows upset
at staring lights ahead in red,
my eyes begin to wonder
and sees souls behind my head.

They’re stuck in the reflection
of the glass inside a mirror,
but they help give perception
of how life is so much clearer.

Some smiles and some laughs
are lovely gifts they share for free,
while they’re stories and their secrets
are not known to ones like me.

They live within a world
where I am nothing but a car,
and life is so much better
when a soul is shared together.

So happy they both seem
as laughter’s felt so far from me,
they know that life just ends
when there are never any friends.

This is a great new moment
that has shown me parts in them,
for the greatest things to remember,
are always an opinion.


That tingle that grows in the warmest of chests
is not given the fortune to calm into rest
when the thoughts of some people that camp in the mind
are still building those towers that house all the kind.
The kind that is warm and will never feel scorn
from the torment that’s dormant from any component
inside of a person that fails the excursion
to journey inside of this burning of life.
That burning that’s heated until its completed
a cooling new feeling that’s always competing
to keep the chilled thoughts that are hoping for knots
that will tie all together for any new weather.
The weather that could be the smoothest of times
or the hardest of trials that never will smile
as much as the links of the people in life
that have forced all the dark to now turn into the light.
The light that’s in sight with the best of delight
that will eat all the fright that has given a fight
to whatever the want to enjoy on the happy
and sappy new blessings of growing in life.

The trouble with links is that everything stinks
when the world has been calling to change up a life
and there’s nothing to change all those caving new dings
that are denting the heart that will miss all the smiles.
The smiles and laughter that catalyze tears
which are running to find all those lovingly people
that stained the sad brain ’til the wish to just hear
on another great moment is growing a ripple.
A ripple that reaches the depths of the soul
for a taste of the greatness that is every person
that never will stop until everything folds
into all of those times with those links that have surfaced
and given this life a new meaning of purpose.

Enjoy all the links for there’s never a know
of when they have to go or there is a new start
that will give out the sharp little stinging of pain
that will drive some insane when their links are spread out.

That haunting past

A soul gazes into a melting mirror
Leaving the reflection of a vampire,
Their insides scream of lies
That constantly betray their happiness.
The warning signs of defeat
Were passed miles ago,
And now the person you should love
Is someone you do not know.
Continuous affirmation of the truth
Slips out of the pockets of your ears,
I will always try and fix that leak
For losing you is too great of a fear.
Your insides may always scream at you
Trying to make you lose all hope,
Yet I will always be a call away
Willing to always help you cope.
It would be such a great victory
For us to watch each other grow older,
Just know that whenever you’re in need
You will always have my shoulder.

Why bother


Why do I even attempt
Pursuing this insanity called love,
The case always seems to be
As catch-able as a dove.
When talking with a new soul
That seems to have potential,
They always just disappear
Like I don’t have the credentials.
Watching the wandering couples
Smiling hand in hand,
Seems like it’s too much to bare
Because it’s something I cannot stand.
Ambition of trying to write
A beautiful poem for her,
Seems to have slipped from my fingers
Because the concept is just a blur.
I guess my Father decided
That love won’t be one of his gifts,
My admiration of others has faded
While going through these emotional shifts.
Judge me not for losing a smile
For my heart has decided to take a break.

First Love

When thinking of her
My mind becomes still,
There’s something wrong with my stomach
I believe that I’ve become ill.
She encapsulates my heart
And I’m at her every whim,
A lot of her friends would say
I can’t believe what you’re doing to him.
A smile shined from my face
Every time that we would kiss,
I thought that I heard birds singing
But it was only a snake’s hiss.
It felt as though our souls were dancing
At a rate that would never end,
Yet after she was done with me
I cannot even call her a friend.
The time that we spent together
Seemed like a dream come true,
Yet I realized it was my nightmare
When the truth busted through.
My heart was thrown into a blender
And fed to the maiden of sorrow,
My emotions were out of my reach
And I no longer looked forward to tomorrow.
Confusion vomited onto my clarity
Causing everything to stink,
The beautiful colors had faded
So I just ordered another drink.
When I finally felt the void
My eyes were leaking their tears,
For finally surrendering to love
Was one of my biggest fears.
Even though I swam through chaos
There actually was some good,
I won’t be so giving with my heart
Unless their intentions are understood.
I wish that it would’ve ended differently
So we weren’t on such bad terms,
Because when I’m still at night
I feel that my heart still squirms.
Goodbye to my first love
For you’re someone that I’ll never forget,
I just hope that a time will come
When I’m not drowning with my own regret.

Are You Serious?…

So… A lot of people don’t know everything about me.  I never want anyone to know EVERYTHING about me because I got some stuff I want to keep to myself.  But one big peeve of mine is when someone who I knew of in the past tries to act like we are cool.  When in the past they just treated me like I was scum.  Acted like I should thank them for even letting them acknowledge that I exist.  Or that they even let me show up to a party or get together of theirs because I found out through the grape vine so to speak.  Yeah… because I should be so grateful to know someone like that and be treated like a peasant or something.  I mean don’t just walk up to me and act like the years of torment that I dealt with in the past from being exiled by the ones I thought were my friends weren’t anything big at all.  It put me through hell and made me depressed to the point where I was thinking of doing the unthinkable.  And then when you bring up who I “hung out with” because you think that I am cool with those people is the stupidest thing you could do.  “Oh hey… how’ve you been?  I haven’t talked to you for a while” they say.  My response is either being cold with them and not responding or looking at them like they are the dumb-ass that they are.  I mean are you seriously wondering why I don’t talk to you anymore?  And I’m the idiot?  Oh yeah and for that whole forgive and forget concept… Lick my nuts!  There’s my forgive and forget 😀 with a smile.  So don’t try and give me your weak excuse of a friendship because I have people in my life that I actually enjoy hanging out with.  Those phone calls in the past that you decided to ignore, those parties that you refused to invite me to, all the times that you talked bad about me behind my back to give me a reputation that didn’t match with my personality, to pretty much try and destroy everything that I am; here’s what I have to say to you… Fuck You and don’t act like we’re cool.  You would have to do a lot of kissing ass to be cool with me because in all reality… you are the scum and you will never know what it means to have a true friend.  I feel better now 🙂