Don’t ignore negative people

If ignorance is what you choose to partake,
how will you know when a person is fake?

They can deceive you when you are in “bliss”
without even knowing you should feel their fists
that have been bombarding a hoard of defeat
on all of the happiness you truly seek.

It could be your friends or your close relatives
that continue putting your brain in a tiff,
see through the make-up that hides their true face
and keep yourself free from becoming their waste.

It may be hard to start looking in them
because what you find may be only so grim.
But keep your focus from looking away
so that you can read if they are meant to stay.

Do not expend more than your heart can spend,
because you may only end at a dead end.


How The Wizard of Oz relates to moving

As a disclaimer, this whole analysis is coming out of my ass; for lack of a better term.  But, after thinking long and hard about The Wizard of Oz and how it just personally relates with me, I feel as though it’s true for others; hence the movie.  Also, I’m very bored.

Here we go.

I relate with Dorothy because she is a good girl from Kansas, I’m a guy but whatever she’s from Kansas so it works kinda, and she just had to get away.  I feel as though the storm that took Dorothy away was a representation of how there will be a storm of emotions that make you feel like you need to get away.  Like you need to move or something, so her house was within the storm too.  When she saw her loved ones in the storm she missed them dearly, but no matter what she still felt like she was out of control and needed to just leave.  But in that storm of emotions, she had to realize that she was going to face her demons, hence the wicked witch cackling like a whore riding on her rusty bicycle.

So witch disappears and then she lands on this strange person and kills somebody by accident.  I totally relate, because this dude called Ray Ray was talking smack and I offed that fool.  Just joking, so back to the main point.  She accidentally killed this “random person” which I think was her old self.  No matter what kind of a person she was or who she was in that old life back home, that person has to die to survive in a new way.  So she took off the shoes of her “old self” or the random chick who was a witch, and wore them because now she’s walking in someone else’s shoes.  In other words, her new self’s shoes.

Yeah pretty out there, I know, but like I said, I’m bored…

She’s walking in these new shoes and she runs into some random people down the road.  Some scarecrow who thought he was smart and a big strong man when he was weak enough to be blown away by a strong wind.  Or eaten by crows.  Then some tin guy who used to be in his prime but now he just needs to get some heart to feel good.  And then there’s this little gangsta kitty cat who’s trying to act big and bad but if you sneeze then he shits himself.  Sound like some people you meet in a new place?  Sure does if you move to LA…


Since Dorothy is the only person who was raised in a home where people are honest and don’t take bullshit from others, she says, lets go see this guy that they say is cool and powerful and test him on it.  But, then the demons of Dorothy, or the wicked witch of the West, came out and showed that she can be a bitch sometimes.  Sorry I’m a potty mouth…  But then Dorothy remembered that she loves people over power, so she killed that bi…witch by pouring water on her.  Showing that her demons don’t have the power that she thought they did because they can be killed by the simplest thought.  “How do I kill this beast?! ‘shrug’ splash water on it?  Yeah, why not.”

So then she makes it to this big wig’s casa and knocks on the door totally disturbing his peace without giving a damn.  Could’ve been having a rough day?  Or getting intimate?  We don’t know but Dorothy didn’t care.  So she knocks on the door, figures out how to get in and then hears from this “Powerful Man” from his intercom.  She’s never seen something like this, so her and her squad let fear trickle down their legs, while the lion let out a full load.

But, long story short, she unveils the curtain of this bald guy I think and then he’s like, “Hey guys we’re all cool.  Here’s exactly what you want…. Haha get the fuck out and keep your mouth shut.”  Pretty interesting.  Because then he offers Dorothy the one thing she wanted, the ability to go home, so we don’t know if that guy was still a jack-off when she left.  All that we know, is that she went home and ended up staying with the people that were the more whole versions of her friends, than the hallow shells of their resemblance in another land.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just crazy and should remain quiet when I’m bored.  Or at least quiet my fingers.


Sunshine will kiss me until I am sleep,
with warmth in a smile to give out a treat,
that captures the mouths of whoever is near
and lets them continue to give out the cheer.

Rain helps to calm me until I’m in fall,
with all of the drippings for memory’s call
to soak in the treasure of every new pleasure
that rises to rates of the greats in measure.

Storms used to tremble this young boy’s old soul
until I grew older to know of the gold
that comes from the show without any predict
of whether some violence will come from this hit.

Cold gives the knowledge of how I am old
and wanting the peace that some others have told
by living their lives in the greatest of strides,
where all of their smiles are true and so wide.


I see all these images in front of me,
and find myself thinking of what they can be.

Always in stir in some interesting way,
whether it’s playing or resting their head.

Enjoying life with some fear of the dead,
when nothing should scare what they know will be theirs.

Highs crash to lows and they smile sorrows,
and always will dream of some new tomorrow.

Giving deceptions to throw out perceptions
to show they can change, when they do not know change.

Others give truth with their word as their bond,
but others don’t trust because they are so gone.

Saying they know what they do and they mean,
when most of them really do not even think.

Losing their shapes by some altered disguises
that cover the soul in their meaty surprises.

Thinking this body is something forever,
when never thinking their soul is much better.

Enjoy the moment and think of the now,
is most of their lives, in any new town.

Starting a war full of gore and defeat,
while saying its purpose is only for peace.

Having a baby by accident or purpose,
is such a fine line, they keep it from surface.

Being with someone without being with them,
only because of what they go through now.

Being in love when they really mean lust,
can really hurt when their trust is a bust.

Shouting that others are not really human,
since none of their actions are on the same page.

When actually all that they do is so true,
to being a human like any of you.

Countless other things prove they are of this world,
that always show me I am far from this world.

Yet watching their actions are such great distractions,
because this whole life is just such a great movie.

Cubic Zirconia

English: multi coloured cubic zirconia gemstone.
English: multi coloured cubic zirconia gemstone. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They look of beauty from afar
because they gleam like grinning stars,
but when I place my eyes to see
the truth that sits within their gleam
that purity that was so bright
is now much darker than the night.
They’re just a show to trick the know
in how much they are like the real
because when fingers and soul feel
a lack that adds up to surreal
my vision takes another glance
to spot the fog and scratches trance.
This type of bland’s in large supply
and tricks the most without the eye
to know what traits make true beauty,
but just like them, most cannot see.



This can truly make the eyes lose their visual of the world.

I know because it has been stained upon my heart.

Although the definition is not the same for the whole world,
I’ll explain.

This is what love means to me.

I’ll put you as first and fill passion till last
and make sure that our lives are fulfilled with some laughs.

We’ll share our world and then share our thoughts
to show that we know truth of what each other sought.

There’s never a reason that I would make treason
because there’s no other that I want to smother
in heartfelt affection that prints an impression
until there’s perfection without a bad section.

I’d share all the gifts that have been in my life
past the day that I know that you’ll be my own wife
where our nights are still bright since our love is the sight
that will build up our grin that has grown since begin.

Surprises and rises of constant new treats
would be what you would meet as we lengthen the feet
that will measure our love and then soar up above
what was once our end because there is no end.

I’d grab you and hold you until you felt warmth
when the world has been harsh and has made you lose grip
on what you had held tight because it was your might
that has proved to be weak but we’d pass by defeat.

For we would be partners and never a foe
to each other or brothers that we would still know
since you’d be more than she but a big part of me
that would give life a meaning and show I’m not dreaming.

And when we’d connect I’d show that we would best
any type of effect that is felt in our chest
for we’d make a new soul out of what we both know
which is way more than sex because there’d be no rest.

I’d strum on your skin with a loving new grin
that would tickle your soul until eyes would then glow
and then teeth would be seen since there is no restrain
on how much we would gain in this sharing love game.
The sweat that would drip and then slide down our pride
would be tasted upon this new vision of dawn
where I only see you and you only see me
as we feel out our passion that’s a satisfaction.
We both would let pants be our music of choice
that are blending with strokes of our eager tongues’ wish
which gives out the new pitch of the purest of voice
that is served on the best and most generous dish.
Time would be not since there’s no need for clock
as we show how we know what makes both still tic-toc
til our bodies would lock and not feel too abrupt
until both would relax to then let out erupt.

We’d run from demise as we make compromise
to fulfill our needs til we lose all our greed
and live happy together through all types of weather
til age turns us gray and we cuddle in grave.

This is the vision that pins down my mind
on how love is a treat that should always be kind.

Yet others are not made from my type of a wire
that’s tethered from growing outside of a fire.

Love is defined from a person to person,
so never believe that they may be like you.

See if the love that is shown by their actions
match up to what you believe should be their actions.

If there’s a line that was passed without care
then that person is not where you should spend your fare.

Never give up on the search for your match
for this is not a race that you want to have scratched.

Rear View Mirror

While my patience grows upset
at staring lights ahead in red,
my eyes begin to wonder
and sees souls behind my head.

They’re stuck in the reflection
of the glass inside a mirror,
but they help give perception
of how life is so much clearer.

Some smiles and some laughs
are lovely gifts they share for free,
while they’re stories and their secrets
are not known to ones like me.

They live within a world
where I am nothing but a car,
and life is so much better
when a soul is shared together.

So happy they both seem
as laughter’s felt so far from me,
they know that life just ends
when there are never any friends.

This is a great new moment
that has shown me parts in them,
for the greatest things to remember,
are always an opinion.

Turning off

When energy wants to enjoy a vacation
the mind gives the ticket to take that excursion
that gives the enjoyment of taking a break
from the hardships of trying to just stay awake.

Some people do not have this problem of time
since their body is tuned still rightly unwind
with the average restrictions that come in this world,
but when the mind’s different, annoyed’s not the word.

For when other souls are still glowing with life,
there’s always those couple that struggle to see.

Those troublesome lids always fight for a kiss
and refuse to let go of their partner for life.

The mind used to fight for its chance to explore
but the constant lid kisses consume it with dark,
and when the world isn’t seen with your own doors
then some water has dampened your own lively spark.

And when no ignition helps catalyze flames
then the mind starts to drift until everything fades.


That tingle that grows in the warmest of chests
is not given the fortune to calm into rest
when the thoughts of some people that camp in the mind
are still building those towers that house all the kind.
The kind that is warm and will never feel scorn
from the torment that’s dormant from any component
inside of a person that fails the excursion
to journey inside of this burning of life.
That burning that’s heated until its completed
a cooling new feeling that’s always competing
to keep the chilled thoughts that are hoping for knots
that will tie all together for any new weather.
The weather that could be the smoothest of times
or the hardest of trials that never will smile
as much as the links of the people in life
that have forced all the dark to now turn into the light.
The light that’s in sight with the best of delight
that will eat all the fright that has given a fight
to whatever the want to enjoy on the happy
and sappy new blessings of growing in life.

The trouble with links is that everything stinks
when the world has been calling to change up a life
and there’s nothing to change all those caving new dings
that are denting the heart that will miss all the smiles.
The smiles and laughter that catalyze tears
which are running to find all those lovingly people
that stained the sad brain ’til the wish to just hear
on another great moment is growing a ripple.
A ripple that reaches the depths of the soul
for a taste of the greatness that is every person
that never will stop until everything folds
into all of those times with those links that have surfaced
and given this life a new meaning of purpose.

Enjoy all the links for there’s never a know
of when they have to go or there is a new start
that will give out the sharp little stinging of pain
that will drive some insane when their links are spread out.

Class Free Write

11 ways of looking at a Rose

The sunlight
is kissing all of the Earth.
The rose must be awake.

Squirrels are bowing
at the sight of happiness,
while the rose
is standing married to pride.

The rose is looking around,
sharing its beauty to only a few.

A bug of curiosity
is swatted away
by the rose showing her dominance.

A smell of beauty
is no longer around
as the rose approaches her slumber

The sprouting of life
makes the rose smile
with excitement
she never knew she had.

She laughs with the wind
as it dances on her skin,
giving her stem
the elegance of victory.

A communion of her family
is greeted with open arms,
as the rose dances
in the symphony of fertility.

The rain caresses her,
making sure the rose
never forgets her beauty.

Tears of joy
exit the roses eyes,
while she gazes at another
to pollinate this world
with love.

The rose cuddles with another
tangling their thorns
and never releasing each other,
with the fear
of releasing their soul.