This feeling is hard to explain.

Nothing has ever felt the same.

The highs,
the lows,
the scares,
the warmth,
and every emotion that mixes them up
is feeling so vacant,
when it used to be full.

Sitting in silence
without any cares
is different from what
I knew so well.

No more guessing,
no more questioning,
no more expecting,
no more forcing an action; just

Accepting this life
and what I am now
has made everything so much better,
without needing it to be better.

I feel as I feel
which right now is, present
and that to me
is whatever it is.

This may not make sense
and that is completely fine,
because peace is not anything
but peace.

And that to me
is amazing.



An object so steady, can give such a rush
when I think I’m ready, to give life a hush
by closing my eyes and drifting to find
I am in a dream, where thoughts are so free.

The sound from a toy, that was made for more
will chime to remind, I am meant to find
the want to achieve, the goals I have seen
that keep me investing, until I am resting.

As I will live, this object will age
without ever showing a sign of decay.

Only the change, that comes with a season
will ever give reason, this object exists.

The way life will form, until it’s deceased
is the only way, I think it finds peace.

It’s always so busy, being so steady
we are never ready to say it will stop
from doing it’s norm of flowing unseen
until there’s a day, the normal is dead.

It is never sad, it is never mad
it is never happy, or even too sappy
it is only constant with doing its chore
of passing the time; it is such a trait, I truly admire.


Time was a blur
as my soul did a stir
that would make up a potion
to flow over ocean
and dance on the sand
where my mind did unwind
to rebuild my love’s spirit
of sharing tear drips.

My passion has sucked out
all doubt that could lose me
in fear with such clout
that I’d pout under tree.

So now I return
to give out my soul’s yearn
for the spreading of love
that will fly like a dove
as you read on my greed
to give others the feed
of my writings from heart;
this here’s just the start.

I’ll feel you next time
as we take on a climb
where a mountain is hill
since our love has such skill
that no dirt can do hurt
and our love has growth spurt.

A break from blogging

Natural arch in rocks at Cape Farewell, on nor...
Natural arch in rocks at Cape Farewell, on northernmost tip of New Zealand’s South Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gratitude’s within my heart
for all the souls that chose to start
to follow what my mind‘s to say
upon these pages in this frame.
Yet I feel a break from this
will give my peace a warming a kiss
so that I can unwind myself
in my own private place of wealth.
I wish to write for One to see
since He’s the one that had made me
into this soul with different talk
and no regrets to take this walk.
The time for this is such a miss
since I can’t know how long to go
until I reach to unknown fate
that ends up being what I make.
For since confusion is a curse
that will disperse with every verse
I press upon the keys of light
so that my thoughts have written sight
since people don’t have want of time
to give to me with thoughts of mind
I will decide to take the blame
in knowing that my write is lame.
A break of little will be sweet
because success is not my treat
but I don’t have a care to tear
the minds of ones that need repair
so thinking is a meal so real
their brains now know what stomachs feel
in wanting something to survive
that helps their minds to stay alive.
I bid farewell without the tell
on when my heart will choose to start
to be on screen and make a scene
that opens minds who have the time.