A poem by Anwar YaDullah and Kari Putnam

Curiosity, a wink uttered through words
That never conveyed what great truth would be found
A truth between two
Has bloomed a gold hue
A glorious gold gilded in the warmth of caring and love
Causing a rhythm we dance to all day and night
Full of laughter and smiles skipping and whirling
Around our caresses that turn into kisses
Such sweet affection your kisses of confection
Have every intention of keeping retention
With such revelry and romance; my leaving there’s no chance
And staying with you keeps my feelings from through
Arm in arm and hand in hand
Feeling your presence is oh so grand
A joy I carry deep in my heart
Healing the soul from what was once some shards
Strong and well step by step I fell
Twirling in comfort until it’s a shell
The strength of love welds us together
Encasing a trust we feel ever better
A trust I’ve never had with another
A peace I’ve never felt with another
With comfort you rest in my heart
It’s the best way for a day to start
And a night to end
Without any end


Not hiding

A comment was left since you still take my breath without giving a sign that would cause me to wine to drown out all the whines that were always in chime from the chaos of searching for all that is you.

The thrill of the chase is what some said we crave yet the truth of the moments we share to this day still have us ever laughing and feeling the rays from warmest of glows that bellow from our growth inside our lovely gut that hath twined with no rut since hiccup has not come from this love that we love.

Grateful sounds wasteful but I cannot show or express all the breath that you stole from this wretch, so all I can say, or just write for your taste, is that I feel blessed that you warm me with love.

Whoever will know how we feel and we glow is no longer a fear, ’cause you are my dear.

Merry Christmas

Enjoy the time with your family
for they can be the best of friends,
if the time together isn’t spent happily
today is a day to make amends.

With the beautiful glow of the snow
which is a reason to enjoy the season,
share a smile for awhile
to spread cheer for the present year.

The gift of your heart
should be enough for any day,
so do not worry about perfection
because our flaws make us perfect.

Kisses may be poured upon you
by a loved one under the mistletoe,
allow your happiness to show through
giving your angelic body a beautiful glow.

Enjoy these times that you have
and never dream of something better,
for when you enjoy the family you were given
the happiness you feel could last forever.

I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas
and hope you enjoy a feast with your loved ones,
please never ever go and dismiss
their loving heart with continuous shuns.

The Escape

The tattered heart
inside of the tomb,
feels as rejuvenation
comforts greater than the womb.

Another soul of purity
lent out a hand of grace,
the soul awakened from the call
causing sorrow to change face.

This symphony of gratitude
was this boy’s new beginning.
This new taste of attitude
gives meaning to his reliving.

Empowerment swallows his soul
feasting on all of his troubles.
Happiness was the drink of nourishment
making their spirits whole.

Gratitude will never stop
from flowing out of his being,
for she is constantly on top
and continues to give life meaning.

Caution was first their friend,
lightly sleeping upon their shoulders.
Yet now he is resting gaily
as their emotions destroy their borders.

The longing for another taste
of her sunlight stricken kiss,
is approached with great haste
for his tomb is no longer his fate.

I love doing stand up comedy

The feeling of other souls laughing and finding humor in ideas and thoughts that have been tumbling around in my head is undeniably one of the best feelings in the world.  This is probably such a great feeling because when I was a child I was nicknamed the joke killing king.  This was quite the stab at my heart because making people laugh is one of my dreams and aspirations.  I did stand up comedy again tonight and the laughter was never short and it was never running low on gas.  It is also a great feeling when other comics come up to me at the end of the night and say “great stuff tonight man keep it coming” because these people have been doing this way longer than me.  And for them to actually take the time out of what they were talking about with their friends and remember my face and my act makes me feel so good!  I want to see how far I can take this and just keep on making people laugh because it actually helps me forget all of this chaos that we call growing up.  I’m going to work on my craft and make it so that I know exactly what my strong points are and what the weak ones are so that I can make sure that people are laughing every ten to twenty seconds.  Gotta love it 🙂

My Reality

There is no need,
For that feeling of joy,
Everyone looks at you,
As if you are a toy.

While others see colors,
In the brightest of lights,
When I look at these colors,
I see nothing of delight.

For these things mean nothing,
And just constantly look dull,
Happiness remains vacant,
Inside of this decaying skull.

The smiles of others,
Constantly tease and torture me,
For these gifts on their faces,
Only sting like a bee.

People say they want to be me,
Like it is some kind of a goal,
But who would want to be,
Such a decrepit tattered soul.

Don’t give me your cheap flattery,
It has fallen on deaf ears,
I no longer wish to exist in a world,
Where my reality is your fear.