A poem by Anwar YaDullah and Kari Putnam

Curiosity, a wink uttered through words
That never conveyed what great truth would be found
A truth between two
Has bloomed a gold hue
A glorious gold gilded in the warmth of caring and love
Causing a rhythm we dance to all day and night
Full of laughter and smiles skipping and whirling
Around our caresses that turn into kisses
Such sweet affection your kisses of confection
Have every intention of keeping retention
With such revelry and romance; my leaving there’s no chance
And staying with you keeps my feelings from through
Arm in arm and hand in hand
Feeling your presence is oh so grand
A joy I carry deep in my heart
Healing the soul from what was once some shards
Strong and well step by step I fell
Twirling in comfort until it’s a shell
The strength of love welds us together
Encasing a trust we feel ever better
A trust I’ve never had with another
A peace I’ve never felt with another
With comfort you rest in my heart
It’s the best way for a day to start
And a night to end
Without any end


Dreary Setting

There’s only a wrapper or maybe a shell
that will tell of the story that others know well.

I reached for the texture, of that once smooth coat,
and knew that this friend would no longer gloat.

Greatness was seen, within that little dream
of reaching the market of people with glee.

Yet that dream was just swallowed, when that shell became hallow;
and no more to say, was all that was said.

It may now be dead, without that old flicker;
my hunger destroyed all my chocolaty snickers.

Poetry Game 13

Guess what I am…

This world is made clear, unless there’s a smear
for then some are blind and left in their mind.
While resting on ears and changing with years,
a dose of more strength, may be your new gift.
For if objects are blurry, your would will just scurry
since definition is vacant and clarity is complacent.
Some are given fear, when everything is near;
but the reverse may be true, for even some of you.

What am I?

Word Play

Playing with words and manipulating verbs
can be quite the treat that is often neat.
Don’t force an art that’s from the heart
because when you flow you will only glow.
It’s very contagious and can be crazy
my mind is hazy but sure isn’t lazy.
For it’s very diligent on being legitimate
for the score of more to roar
from person to person in place to place.
Just find your pace cause it’s not a race
its just for fun and you know when you’re done.
Type the hype of living and giving
something to say just like word play.

Have Fun.

Poetry Game 8

Guess what I am…

Being me is a lonely task,
even the sight of me can blind you.
I’m tired of people always trying to ask
the day that I’ll grow or when I’ll be through.

I hide from the majority of the world for hours,
although I smile upon a few for months.
The ice continually cries and cowers,
like I’m a series of labyrinths.

People try to get near me,
yet they always sizzle or burn.
Although when people try and see
I help them out and light up their turn.

Yet I remain in this dark and vast place,
spinning and turning with my friends.
They say I spawn a certain race,
but who knows when it ends?

I’ll just keep watching from afar
while examining everything I attract.
Just remember that my brother is a star,
and getting rid of me will leave quite an impact.

What am I?

Poetry Game

The answer to the last post was put underneath as usual and I will mark the reply with the correct answer with a smiley face like so: 🙂 So keep on trying until you get the mark and let your friends know what you are playing so that you can all try and tag team these mind games.  So here is the next poem for you to guess.  Enjoy

The seasons are my death
Yet they are also my life.
The breezes can be soothing
Although they are my strife.

Shades are never permanent
For boredom would be the result.
I refuse to stay the same
Yet my burden is conformity.

I will constantly watch from above
Until the time of my demise,
Just wait until another season arrives
And I’ll smile another surprise.

If there is one season I hate
It would be that of winter.
It continues to kill my family
Relentlessly filling its splendor.

What am I?
I am a leaf

Poetry Game

The answer to the previous game was commented underneath it and will be done so from now on.  Here is the next one for you all to guess.

My rays of stillness
Sooth and cool your thoughts,
As my energy and demeanor
Feel the warmth given from snow.

Romantics often share their love
As I smile and enjoy their delight.
For they are always happy
That I don’t give off too much light.

Howl towards my face
To feel the power of many beasts.
Surf along the joys of the ocean
While a rush consumes your breasts.

Many take me for granted
Since I remain a silent spectator.
At least to the ears of you
For I’m only the oceans’ dictator.

What am I?

Poetry Game

The answer to the previous poem was the front door.  A lot of people viewed it and probably had the right answer.  Don’t be afraid to answer because remember that this is just a game for fun 🙂 so here is the next one and feel free to guess as much as you want to.

Do you love as my smile
Always gives you life,
And delivers the warmth of fun
With a timely window of light.

I’m sorry that I leave you
To deal with the cold relatives,
They are never so nice
Whenever they leave ice.

Never forget that I’ll return
To give you a feeling of comfort.
For if I never came back,
Your livelihood would be on attack.

Something new

Hey I feel like having some fun and playing a game with my followers.  Let me know if you would be willing to play along because this could be very entertaining.  What will happen is I will describe an object in a poetic way or just using words that usually aren’t used in everyday language and see if anyone can guess what it is.  I will give a week for answers and then if someone gets it right then I will cut it off short.  If not then every Thursday I will give the answer as I am writing something new.  If you want to play then reply your answers below.  Here is the first one.

Some would think I’m a whore
For not putting up much of a fight,
But why are you to judge
When I’ve done nothing right.

When someone is angry
It seems that I’m the recipient,
I enjoy when your not mad
For then I remain content.

When feeling a bit insecure
I refuse even the gentlest of touch,
Rage is spit upon my face
Though I remain unmoved.

It hurts when you chip me
But it seems you don’t care,
For all you do is look through me
And leave me staring into nothing.

What am I?