A poem by Anwar YaDullah and Kari Putnam

Curiosity, a wink uttered through words
That never conveyed what great truth would be found
A truth between two
Has bloomed a gold hue
A glorious gold gilded in the warmth of caring and love
Causing a rhythm we dance to all day and night
Full of laughter and smiles skipping and whirling
Around our caresses that turn into kisses
Such sweet affection your kisses of confection
Have every intention of keeping retention
With such revelry and romance; my leaving there’s no chance
And staying with you keeps my feelings from through
Arm in arm and hand in hand
Feeling your presence is oh so grand
A joy I carry deep in my heart
Healing the soul from what was once some shards
Strong and well step by step I fell
Twirling in comfort until it’s a shell
The strength of love welds us together
Encasing a trust we feel ever better
A trust I’ve never had with another
A peace I’ve never felt with another
With comfort you rest in my heart
It’s the best way for a day to start
And a night to end
Without any end



That word is the most complex of them all.
It’s a distant struggle for many people,
that say they have a brilliant mind,
to understand.
When in reality,
and thinking blankly at this concept,
it is the most simple
of all.
Not having confusing words,
or even some type of a phrase
that makes others go ooh and awe,
could be what everyone actually wants.
Creativity will never reach
the level hidden in each thought,
because honestly,
only thoughts can be thoughts,
while writing,
will be writing.
To put this simply,
simple sleeps easy,
simple eats regularly,
simple pays the bills,
simple drives the speed limit,
simple makes it places safely,
simple knows how much money it makes,
simple stays reliable.
Complex can’t sleep regularly,
complex freaks out,
complex pulls hairs,
complex hurts,
complex shocks,
complex gets bored,
complex is crazy.
There are a lot of other examples
that can make simple look worse as well,
but I feel safe in guessing that
I’m not the only one
that focuses mainly
on one side
of an argument.
All I know is
I could really use some simple,
but complex is all I know.
I’ve heard that a tough road always has a great ending,
when honestly,
sometimes the road is the end.
But since I’m complex,
I don’t know what the end is.
All I do know,
is that I appreciate and love simple,
because too much complexity
really gets old.

The Secret to Success

Where your journey begins
should never be where it ends
for you should always learn
to chase after your burn.

That burn for your success
has always been a dream,
but I wish for you to prosper
so that you have excess.

So here’s a little riddle
that might give you the light
to shine on your goal
for making life whole.

Find what you love
and is only true for you
for anyone can do an act
that leaves their failure intact.

Take on the beatings
for they are only greetings
to making a life your life
that spawned from the worst of strife.

Your skin will be stoned
to the point where you will endure
whatever hate is served to you
so keep on pushing through.

Time should never be cut
because that is a secret of secrets,
it proves the dedication to yourself
and helps to achieve your wealth.

Never follow another soul
for that will only get their goal,
you need to make your own path
Or else you will always feel the wrath.

A pain that will always grow
because now you will never know
what life would have been
because there’s no way to start again.

The time is now
is what others have said,
sadly that is true
because your past is already through.

Today is the day to start
because tomorrow will eat you alive,
giving another excuse to fail
is nothing that will help you prevail.

How much time some may ask
as they live within that mask,
that blinds them from the truth
of creating a life that’s fool of proof.

Proof for your achievements
that are lifted with great applause,
to the heavens and back to Earth
continuing to grow in girth.

The time for success
is a number that slays cowards,
for this number that I know
is at least ten thousand hours.

Hours spent only on your dream
and only given a flavor from you
is what will give your dreams some grounding
and cause success to be compounding.

Flow within this river
that will make your fears shiver
for your soul will be kissed with light
and continually filled with delight.

Never falter from this truth
for then you’ll continue to fail,
never give up on yourself
so that you will always prevail.

Stay consistent with your time
of creating for ten thousand hours,
then your achievements will climb
and pollinate the most beautiful flowers.

Be willing to change your habits
so ideas will mesh and be fresh,
until the birth of your gift is present
and never allows your goals to take a decent.

Writer’s Block

The mind is at rest
with a mundane slumber,
I wish I was blessed
with knowing a rhythm.

Words are useless
when thoughts are dead,
their veins are dry
for they have completely bled.

Thoughts have been consumed
by the desires for another,
because she might be perfect
yet I’ve always been doomed.

Hope is cowering within me
when thinking of that smile,
for what if it was just meant to haunt
and I was the fool all the while?

My Father loves playing games
yet sometimes I don’t see the humor,
maybe I’m still too simple
to understand His way of play.

Maybe she blocked my creative mind
so I am not continually blind
to the way she’ll make my heart wind
and never cease from being kind.

I cannot go through this life
with a constant question of what if,
because then I would die in strife
without that desired completion from a wife.

Writer’s block could be costly
or it could be happening for a reason,
the only thing that I do know
is that I hope it leads to a brighter season.

A season showered with love
that nourishes the skin of life,
moistening deep down to the heart
until the soul feels the glow of her.

The glow of an angelic soul
that vibrates peace within any being,
caressing gently the toughest of thoughts
unraveling even the meanest of knots.

This dream has always been present
even though I try to ignore,
maybe I should stop lying to myself
so this soul isn’t tattered anymore.


Thoughts of what to write, seem to just dissipate.
For what goes on in my mind, I cannot anticipate.
Mediocrity has a plethora of mates, spawning a herd of forgetful thoughts.
Creativity only mates with one, that missing piece to the next adventure.
A peace that twirls and dances into happiness.
While throwing out all possible links to sadness.
The curse of boredom, would be thought as mediocrity.
Although creativity, is a slave to this monstrosity.
Excitement erupts at the drop of a hat, for the soul that’s excited for any simple act.
Flowing stories from the stool, are also their meal of choice.
For any type of delicacy, is too much for their simple voice.
So instead of being blessed, with a divine right to an epiphany.
My mind remains in a slump, awaiting for my time of serenity.

The Job

This is never considered fun
Everyone wonders when they are done.
They try and make you feel
Like you are a waste of space,
But little do they know
That this is just a race.
You wake up everyday
Feeling worse by the moment,
Because you feel like a victim
Of their never ending torment.
Life is slipping through your fingers
With no way to control it,
If only you could take a vacation
Even if it’s just for a bit.
Who designed this model
Of constant indentured servitude,
With some demon scratching on your back
And only proving that he is crude?
Even with all of this torment
Of having to go into work,
A smile rests upon your face
For you won’t always be the clerk.
One day the seeds of greatness
Will finally be yours for the reaping,
And that blessing of happiness
Will be yours for the keeping.
So never lose hope
Of your constant dreams,
For even though it looks rough
Nothing’s as hard as it seems.
Courage is flowing from your being
Because you can handle the grind,
They may have possession of your body
But you’ll never let them control your mind.
This idea of happiness
Is firmly planted like a tree,
For you know that someday
You will finally be free.