Entering Paradise

As all the compounding shifts with my thoughts

Find the knots that I got when my life was a rot,

A beauty careens without stopping to see

If her essence will flow until I become we.

Agony runs to the blazing old bliss,

As purity funds our lips a slow kiss,

Until every texture caressed to be warm

Has exhaled the nectar to lock eyes with form.

Watching the darkness expand to the blue

Has given the view of what passion can do;

Twinkling stars show my heart is not shards,

And pull me til galaxies are all I see.

When I emerge from the heaven in you

I constantly stare and caress all the blue,

Then I remember those are the two eyes

That constantly let me enter paradise.

Wrinkles of happiness form on our face

Before we submit to our wanting embrace

That starts with a sip of those luscious full lips,

And ends with the start of our life being bliss.


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