It Never Subsides

This new little pain can make me look insane

Since I don’t have a way to make it go away.

It reaches my face to put creases in place

That will etch in a feeling remembered as we.

Our ages don’t match but this life is a scratch

When we race to the freedom that rests in our warmth,

Cause neither of us started life at the time

When the eases of life were abundant for us.

For the gap in our age is not shared with the taste

Or texture of softness you gave me that day,

All that I know is this smile I see

Is a constant reminder of you touching me.

My spirit is calm and it’s eager to be

In reunion with you so you’re all I can see.

This feeling you give me will last for a time,

Yet within my mind, it’ll never subside.

For telling how long we will share in this dream,

Is no type of poison I wish to let steam,

All that is known is I wish to hold you

And live in the present, that you are.


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