Joking in tone will grab hold of psyche

With hopes that your thoughts will be riddled with me.

Letting the words that had flown from my lips,

Caress every part of your epidermis.

Tingling up and inside of your rush,

To thrust in the thoughts that have given a blush

On such perfect skin that I’d love to take in,

And taste every flavor that will make us grin.

Secrecy lies with the truth in my words,

I never would tell of how we saw new worlds

That danced in our eyes as we carry our cries

With pants that enchant our much wanted entrance.

Give and take is how most show their ways,

Yet I would allow all your dominant traits

To stare into me as I slide slow and free

And take in the air that’s so full of thee.

Watching your hair and the curves that you sculpt,

Would never compare to the feel of your warmth.

Just one interaction from all your beauty

Has planted a seed that is riddled with greed.


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