Serena’s First Watch

Serena wakes up in her designated room in their lair.  She scans her black surroundings and sees a letter on her grey nightstand.  Her beige sheets are moved from her body as she slides over to read what D placed next to her.  It simply says, “Your sector is between 95th and 135 Street.  And in between those streets, you cover everything within two blocks of those areas.  Have fun, and make sure I don’t have to give you an obituary.  Kick some ass.”

She grins and then walks over to the black dresser in the corner of the room.  She sees her leather outfit she wore on her first day along with her knives, her pole and the gun she took from the man on the street on top of it.  She shakes her head with a grin as she whispers, “Thanks D” and suits up for her first day on watch.  She then walks to their underground garage by hitting the button under her dresser to open the secret door to her left.  It drops her down so that she sees her motorcycle with a fresh new black paint job with red accents next to the other vehicles.  She marvels at the hummer with weapons taking over every corner of the car and the sports cars that are resting on their undercarriage until someone turns them on.  She smiles as she says, “Awesome” and hops on her bike to notice it has no license plate anymore.  She puts on her helmet and hits the side of it to illuminate her surroundings.  The screen pops on inside of the helmet and says, “Good morning Serena… new additions have been added to my features.”

Pictures of weapons hidden on the sides and behind the front and tail light begin to flash on the screen in red.  The computer in her helmet says, “To access these weapons, use the voice commands of which weapon you want to use and I will obey.  And D says, ‘I hope you enjoy the gifts.’  Do you understand?”

She smirks again and says, “Loud and clear.”

“Thank you master.  Call me if you need anything.”

“I will  computer.  Thank you.”

“Your welcome master.”

The garage opens at the ramp, so she turns on her bike to hear the new horsepower ricochet off of the wall.  She takes off into the street and bullets past every car until she makes it to her destination.  Horns yell at her chaos on the road as she smiles with her middle finger waving at all of her spectators.  She makes it to her sector and parks her bike behind a trash bin.  When she hits a new button she sees on her helmet, her bike turns into a chameleon.  She moves her head diagonally in disbelief to see the slight outline of where her bike is.  She chuckles while saying, “Oh fuck yeah” and struts down the alley with heat rising from the street on this chilly day.

As she asks, “Where to first?” she hears glass shatter to her right.  She creeps over to see a clerk being held at gunpoint by a man hiding his face with a ski mask.

As the trembling man throws up his hands, the crook yells, “Gimme the fucking money!”

The trembler says, “I… I, I can’t… It’s, it’s locked and, and, and”

“And, and, and, spit it out motha fucka!”

“And, and, its, its locked.”

“You said that bitch!”  He becomes impatient, so he pistol whips the clerk and hops behind the counter.

His grin shines through his mask as his eyes widen from the anticipation of a payday.  Serena points her gun at the man’s shoulder and takes out his firing arm.  He yells violently as he searches for who shot him.  He picks up the gun with his usable arm and fires wildly at nothing.  He yells at the person on the ground, “Did you fucking hit an alarm for the cops!?” before he draws his gun at the man’s head.

Serena whispers to herself, “I tried to keep from killing you” as she frees another bullet to shatter brains on the wall.  The stuttering man creeps from the ground and shakes as he looks out of the broken window.  He sees the brown hair on Serena’s head show that she’s there before he sees her face.

He examines her some more until he sees that she has a gun.  He yells, “Please, please, don’t, du, du, don’t, ki, ki, kill… mu, mu, me…”

She waves him off and says, “Relax, I’m not here to hurt you.  Carry on with your day and go home to your family.”

“Thank, tha, tha, tha, thank, you.”

“You’re welcome.”

She climbs up the ladder of the building behind her and watches the police rush to the location in an instant.  She watches the clerk wave and point his hands at the ground and the criminal as the police try and figure out who took this man out.  The clerk throws up his hands and shrugs his shoulders to deny any trace of Serena being there.  She smirks and says, “Good boy” before she turns her attention to the rest of her sector.

Screams echo from two blocks down, so she leaps from the top of her building to the building next to her and looks below.  A woman’s clothes are being ripped off by the eager hands of one man as another holds her upper body still.  Her dainty legs kicks for any salvation as liquid lust leaks out of a man’s eager mouth.  He says, “I love it when they scream” to his counterpart that chuckles his idiocy into the woman’s ear.

Serena slides down the side of the building by a pole and leaps off with her knife in hand.  As her hair waves to the beat of falling air, she raises her arms with the blade in front of her and adjusts her hands to be aligned with the top of the eager man’s head.  She plants the blade in the top of the man’s skull and takes out her pole to whack the shocked counterpart of the deceased man.  His head dents in and leaves him unconscious on the ground.  The woman shakes as he falls to ground before she wraps Serena with her arms and says, “Thank you, thank you so much.”

The woman is pat on the back before Serena nods at her and climbs up the ladder to observe her surroundings again.  She says to herself, “Damn, this city really is always full of corrupt bastards.  Probably just too many people in this world to begin with.”

She hears frantic footsteps to her left, so she looks down to see a man running from five different men.  He runs out of alleyway and darts around to fake out the men who were chasing him.  They smile at him as they charge and the closest one to him punches him in the face.  Another goon hits the defending man in his ribs before one of the other five men kicks his shin to send him to the ground.  The defenseless man curls into the fetal position and takes constant kicks to his forearms and his legs along with his open back.  Serena throws her stick at the men and races down the stairwell to help him out.

One of the men is hit with her spinning stick, so he grunts and rubs his head as he searches for who hit him.  Her foot plants on his open chin and causes the other four men to look at what’s going on.  She raises herself from the ground as the person she knocked out lies at her feet.  The goons look at each other with the right side of their face scrunched together before they see her slide into a fighting stance.  The one who seems to be leading the attack says, “Lady, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“I’m stopping some pussies from ganging up on one person.”

The man on the ground says, “Thank God.”

The person at the man’s back kicks him, so she says, “If you really call yourselves fighters, then come and get me.”

They surround her before the one who seems to be leading the pack charges at her.  She evades his attack and hits the man to her left and does a forward roll to the person next to him.  She pops up with a swift kick to his face and plants her foot on the shin of the man behind her to break it on impact.  He falls to the ground and grips his broken leg as the last man standing is caught in a fist fight with Serena.

A barrage of fists are exchanged between them with Serena only landing her punches.  His face whips side to side with his teeth losing their grip on his gums.  Blood begins to replace the spit flying from his mouth before he steps back and tries to compose himself.  She charges and kicks him in his chest to make him pant on the ground in his own defeat.  She stands above him and says, “What did you learn?”

He spits out another tooth followed by blood before he says, “But he stole from the bar I work at.”

She turns back to the person who’s cowering on the ground and walks over to ask, “Did you steal from them?”

He looks up slowly and says, “I needed it.”

She kicks him in his face and takes the money that’s revealed in his pocket to give it to the bloodied man.  She says, “I’m sorry for what happened to you guys.  But next time, just fight him one on one and be more aware of your money.”  The man on the ground sighs and lays his head back after she puts the money in his pocket.  She climbs up the ladder and scans her sector some more for any trouble.

A yawn consumes her face as she’s scanning the ground.  She sees a group of police officers surround a man walking down the street with a little girl on his shoulders.  She reads their faces to see that fear is all that the man holding the girl is displaying.  The officers heads are snapping like they’re barking orders, yet the man is shaking his head as he places his little girl on the ground slowly.  Serena’s face scrunches with questions, so she slowly creeps down the side of the building to hear what’s being said.

An officer says, “You shouldn’t have crossed him Tony.”

The man replies, “I don’t know how I crossed him by denying his offer kindly.  He said that I had a choice in the matter, so I declined.”

“Now why would you wanna do something as stupid as that?”

“I’d rather spend time with my little girl without having to worry about our safety.  Please, I don’t want any trouble.  I just want to continue raising Cynthia in peace.  I never wanted to be a part of the game and I want to make sure she stays safe from any harm that may come from that kind of work.”

“You know we can’t let you leave after showing you what we do.”

The electrified nightsticks of the officers are drawn as the little girl is pried away from her father’s hand.  She screams as her brown locks are tossed to the side with her fragile body.  The father takes a swing at the officers and takes out one of them before he screams from one of the electrified sticks hitting his back.  He falls to the ground and convulses from every electrifying attack administered to his body.  Serena swings from the nearby stairwell and twists after her legs wrap around one of the officer’s necks.

As his eyes lose their hold of his soul, she kicks every other officer in the face with a roundhouse kick and yells, “Go!” to the man and his little girl.  They flee with the girl being picked up on her father’s battered shoulders as Serena continues to deliver justice to the dirty officials.

She takes the camera’s on their bodies and stomps all of them out so that her face isn’t discovered by whoever they work for.  She then grabs the electrified stick from the officer she sent into the afterlife and beats the rest of them to hell with their friend.  After she’s panting from a day full of violence, she drops her head and makes her way back to her chameleon bike.  She puts on her helmet and illuminates the bike to take off to the hideout.

After she parks back in the garage and makes her way to the main area, she sees D, Ballrug, Bear, Jerry and Koda walking into the training room.  Devastator turns around when he hears something behind them and then nods for his men to continue going into the training room.  He asks, “How was your first day?”

“Very tiring… but it was awesome at the same time.”

“Good.  And did you fight as we agreed?”

“I did.  I only killed killers and rapist and I beat up the people that were only fighting.”

“Eye for an eye.”

“Eye for an eye.”

He smirks at her and begins to walk into the room before she asks, “How do you guys do this everyday though?”

He pauses and looks back at her with the same grin on his face.  He says, “Good question” and then examines her up and down before saying, “I’ll see ya tomorrow” and walks into the room to train with his men.

She smirks at him and puts her ear to the door to hear what they’re doing.  She hears D say, “Prove to me that you either deserve to be the new leader, or that I should still lead all of you.  Ready when you are.”  She hears constant grunts and punches smacking the surface of their skin and takes her head back with wide eyes by realizing Devastator is fighting all four of those men at the same time.

She asks herself, “How often do they try and overtake him?” before she goes to clean herself up from a tiring day.


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