Why The Movie Terminator 2 Relates to Today

Boredom found my laptop again, so here’s some more stuff out of my ass.  Also, this has to be one of the most well done movies I’ve ever seen; I’ll explain.

In my opinion, this movie relates to our lives as human beings, more than just an apocalypse movie where people are horrifically blown to fragments by their own weapons.  This seems more like a representation of how things are already going in the world.  Because the creation of this “skynet” was like some virus that was born in every single piece of mind-blowing technology.  It wouldn’t be able to infect every computer if it wasn’t already a part of every computer in some way.  Which also can relate to people because some of us are born with diseases that we don’t know about until they come up out of no where.  Things like cancer, diabetes, a dormant virus of some sort etc.  But back to the main point.

Since this technology was a fully functioning infant brain in some sort, it was irrational and was only basing everything on what it was taught until it overtook the system and thought for itself.  So since this infant little computer was given a chance to grow up it did the one thing that any child not taught how to work in the world properly would do; kill people, manipulate, lie and all of the other things that we are innately taught in some form; school, religion, family etc.  So in short, this computer was bat-shit crazy because it never had the full capacity of a human brain; logical reasoning with the understanding of human importance by preserving the form of the body but still advancing it in some way with the self.

But enough about that… now to why it relates to us today.

The forms of the terminator were more of a warning for how people will be in the future.  People that are completely immersed in technology more than acquiring human interaction and understanding will be like robots.  They will be on a “mission” that has to be completed no matter what, they will kill without thinking twice about it, they will have a certain image and personification about a stereotypical role model like a mother, father, officer etc. and they will never understand human importance until they do.

(Alright A.K. lay off the drugs… and go back to school because you missed the whole seminar on intelligence…)

Let me explain.

Through personal experience of dealing with, excuse me, interacting with peoplee that are always immersed in technology more than they hang out with other people, I can say that they’re not people that anyone really wants to associate with.  Maybe this was just my experience, but he was a “know it all”, he didn’t really see people as people but as objects that can be manipulated and he was just not a great person.  Now there is the occasional guy that does want to meet people but he’s too shy to do so, I know.  Although, isn’t that person socially awkward and doesn’t understand what to do at all when it comes to knowing people?  Yes.

So that relates to Arnold’s Terminator version.  He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but since he doesn’t understand basic human interactions and how the world actually works, he beats the shit out of the guys in that bar and then takes their clothes without killing anyone.  Were they stabbed and shit? Yes, but it was awesome and visually stimulating, so no complaints.  Then, when he was interacting with John, what was he doing the whole time?  Asking why he cries, what certain things mean, and becoming…. da da da… human.  And also, it did show that the Terminator has emotions because when John told Arnold’s Terminator he can’t kill anyone, what did he do?  He asked why.  If he was a mindless machine without strong emotions for something already, he wouldn’t have asked that question but would have just been like, “Okay, get in the chopper.”  Also, when Arnold’s Terminator had grabbed the big ass mini gun like a champ in that shelter, what did he do?  He smiled.  Machines smile?  The fuck?  But now to the other Terminator.

By the way, the guy that played the T-1000, Robert Patrick, did a phenomenal job.  Here’s why.  Also, his machine was more like the douche-bag I described earlier.


This machine was only around machines its whole life.  It never interacted with people like people had any intelligence and it always thought that it had the superior idea of what’s good for them; their destruction.  He had a certain image that he downloaded from machines that don’t live in the certain scenarios and situations as every individual in the world, but only know the mainstream understanding.  When he was a cop, he always had the same movements and the same type of fluctuations in his voice when he was having a conversation.  He was the law and the law is an understanding bunch of individuals that only look out for the best for everyone and only tell the truth.  And when he was in the form of the foster mother and John’s real mother, he always acted like the caring mother that only wanted her little baby to be tucked in safe with a nice nipple for him to suck on.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Now how that relates to the person I described in dim light earlier is obvious in many ways.  That person believes that anyone from a certain demographic or a certain country or whatever will be a certain way.  Hey black guy, I’ll call you “brotha” in the crowd and I’ll give ya some dap…  Although, the T-1000 had some great props; I have to admit.  Its plan worked for the most part, but when a person that understands people and cares about people sees through someone else’s bullshit, they point it out.  So that’s where Arnold’s Terminator was to the rescue.  Since it’s the same type of nerd with a good heart, because it now understands and cares about people because it was taken in by them, it warned John of the bullshit.  Although, since it was still the same nerd, it shot that officer in his knees and felt an orgasmic feeling of itself as it hit that button to open the gate to the mental hospital.  Then he rationalized it like a beast.  Choice.

So these two “robots” which it’s pretty clear that they’re people of today’s age, end up having to duke it out and the T-1000 had to kill his nemesis.  But he’ll be back; or should I say reborn to be a “human?”

I’ll explain.

He came back from his back up generator and then he took out the T-1000.  Yay!  Balloons going everywhere and someone gets pregnant.  Wicked party.  Anyway, after he takes care of the T-1000, what does the new “robot” do that is completely human?  He makes a joke by saying, “I need a vacation.”  Where in the fuck was that in the programming for these perfect robots?  Oh that’s right, only in the part that makes them want to mimic or become humans.  And the only way for him to completely free people from the numbing disease of relying on technology for interactions rather than life itself, was to destroy himself and let people be people.

This relates to how people are now as well because everyone is relying on the internet for answers in a lot of their daily life decisions.  It’s sad.  Instead of looking outside and possibly, here’s a thought, going outside to see if it’s nice, they check the weather app on their phone.  Instead of hanging out with a person that is actually a friend, most people will go and hang out with people to enjoy a possible facebook or instagram post moment.  Instead of calling someone and setting up a time to enjoy their company because you actually know and care about them or wish to do so, most people send a text or get on tinder for a quick fuck and then cuddle with their pillow saying how lonely they are.  Makes sense right?  I think you get my point.

So that’s a little rant about the Terminator 2 relating to everyday life.  Some cool things about the movie were how Robert Patrick NEVER BLINKED when he was in kill mode as the T-1000.  Awesome.  Also, how the crash test dummy made an appearance during the scene where they blew up the huge semi truck in the beginning was hilariously classic.  And how they let the stunt men for doing totally bad ass jobs and doing death defying stunts get face time was awesome.

Just a very well done movie and it doesn’t surprise me at all that it was directed by James Cameron.

So in short, the advancement of technology is a very great thing.  But, it should never be put over the lives of other people or it will be the death of humans.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend 🙂


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