The Trigger day 27

Instead of the usual food that comes with the footsteps to my cell, I hear a loud click before the door opens.  An officer wielding a loaded rifle says, “Come on Jimmy, your time’s up in here.”

I pick myself off of the floor and follow the officer to the cafeteria.  I see my old friends, so I grab my food and take the open seat they left for me.  Ramos pats me on the back and says, “Welcome back from the hole.  How was it?”

I reply, “Not bad actually.  Didn’t have to smell your morning breath.”

The table laughs as Ramos says, “Sounds like a dream.  But we’re glad you’re back kid.”

“Thanks Ramos.”  I look at DM and say, “Thanks for the gift by the way.  When I find a safe trash can I’ll dispose of the evidence.”

DM nods as Fingers says, “Hand it to me under the table and I’ll take care of it.”

I ask, “Won’t it be obvious that I’m handing you something secretly in here?”

Fingers says, “If you make it obvious, yeah.  Just don’t be a screw up and slowly take it out of where you have it.  Then nod at me when it’s in your hand and under the table far enough for me to reach for it.  I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Okay.”  I slide off my shoe and pick up the folded box with my toes and place it in my right hand.  I nod at Fingers and he grabs it from me so fast that I barely feel it slide from my hand.

He says, “Alright, now I could just get rid of these the boring way, or I could plant them at a certain group of people that have given you some shit.  It’s up to you.”

Tony interjects, “How about those fudge packing gangsters we had the pleasure of meeting in the shower?”

Fingers asks, “What?”

I say, “That sounds perfect.”  I scan the room and see the gangsters and happen to lock eyes with the main one that wanted to push my shit in.  He creases his chin as he bites his bottom lip with anger, so I turn back to fingers and say, “Plant it on him.”

Fingers says, “I’ll be back.”  He stands up and walks without trying to conceal himself at all around the other tables until he’s at the table of gangsters.  It looks like he just takes a quick hobble step and then continues to walk past them.  He continues walking towards a guard and whispers something in his ears as he points at the group of gangsters.  The guard walks towards the gangsters and Fingers makes his way back.  He sits down and says, “Watch this.”

The guard motions for them to stand up and sees the empty box of Nutty Bars on the bench that they were sitting on.  The guard asks, “How the hell did you get those in here?”

The gangster replies, “I never seen that box one time.”

The guard calls for back up as he reaches to put hand cuffs on the gangster.  The gangster and his crew decide to test their fighting skills again and manage to force spit from the guard’s mouth.  As they continue to unleash their rage on the guard, their attempts to continue fighting shock them to the ground by the other guards’ tazers until they’re all hand cuffed.  I look at Fingers and ask, “How the hell did you do that?”

He snickers and says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

We all laugh for a little while and continue eating our meals.  After everything is consumed, Ramos and I make our way back to the cell.  Ramos pats me on the back and then says, “Time to do what you need to do Jimmy” as he points to another piece of paper on my bed.  I nod and walk over to the piece of paper.  I place it on the ground and write;

Dear Sabrina,

The letters to the children have been written.  Whether they are successful or not is up to your beautiful eyes, so feel free to omit or add anything that I left out.  But I have to admit that writing these letters is not something that I look forward to.  I don’t want to imagine the tears that try to comfort your pain or the fact that you’ll be in that delivery room without me.  Yet this curse of my life seems to keep me stuck in the muck of reality.  Every time I try to pick myself up, I feel the weight of memories melting me to the ground.  If only there was a way that I could just hear your voice or see your smile or taste your life.  It’s the only life I know that can keep me from the hell of my thoughts.

Yet I want to apologize for saying those last words.  But you know that I could never lie to you.  Honesty is what held us together all of these years and I believe it’s the only thing that can truly keep any real couple together.  The fact that I was honest enough to admit to you that I love you and only you kept me from ever cheating on you or even thinking of cheating on you.  I know that you did the same and that’s what causes me so much pain.  The fact that you, the love of my love, was actually given to me for such a short period of time is breathtaking.  It’s the greatest feeling that anyone could ever ask for and it honestly still makes me feel warm when the coldness of death is breathing down my neck.

You are the only person that I want to be thinking about when I’m gone.  I never had a mother that really cared if I was breathing and my own father tried to kill me.  I bet a lot of confusion comes up from that last line, so I’ll explain.  It turns out that General Freedmen, the man you said probably rapes puppies and kittens as he drinks wine with Satan, was actually my father.  It was hard for me to accept that news, but I have to admit that I do kind of resemble him and he was always around me for some reason when I was a child.  Although, just because he turned out to be my father doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a scum bag.  I say wasn’t because he is no longer with us.  I personally shot him in the head.  I can’t tell you why, but that’s all that you need to know.  Anymore information might put you in danger.

But on a positive note, I still can see what you look like when the sensations of love have taken over your face.  Right when you would release and I would see space within your eyes, I knew that your soul was and still is the perfect soul.  The stars that would twinkle as you moved your grinning face towards mine from its cocked position to your right, always replays in my mind.  Even though it would take about a minute for you to come to, it was worth the wait to see you come back to me.  The fulfillment in watching your face and the sexual passion within you release is way better than anything else out there.  I just feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t know what I mean because seeing someone that you love and can express love with sexually is better than anything.

All of your accessories like that hair that flies to the beat of air, those lips that long for the perfect kiss, those legs that trapped my mind into a gaze, your figure that set the standard for my desires and that face that didn’t have anything to waste inside of those oceanic blue eyes of yours are perfectly wrapping the true beauty within your soul.  Not a day went by where I didn’t know I was the one who received the true blessing of the world.  I just wish that I could have seen you age my dear.  It’s hard to continue writing these letters, but I will continue writing them until I can only write within the air, my love.  I love you.


I put the pen away and then sit still on my bed.  Ramos clicks for my attention, so I look up and see him nod at something for me to look at it.  I look over and see Fingers strolling across the the top walkway in the open area and then nonchalantly take away a guard’s nightstick.  He begins to hump and be obnoxious with the stick until he notices the guard turning around.  He holds up one of his hands and I read his lips say, “I think this is yours sir.”  Confusion cocks the guards head as he slowly takes the nightstick away.  Fingers strolls away with his tongue out at Ramos as he continues to play around taking other people’s possessions.

I ask Ramos, “How the hell did he get caught?  He seems too good to be caught.”

Ramos says, “A rat.”

“That sucks.”

“Eh it’s not too bad.  Rat’s aren’t immune to poison.”  He smiles at me and then walks out of the cell.

I shake my head and lie back in my bed.


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