That word is the most complex of them all.
It’s a distant struggle for many people,
that say they have a brilliant mind,
to understand.
When in reality,
and thinking blankly at this concept,
it is the most simple
of all.
Not having confusing words,
or even some type of a phrase
that makes others go ooh and awe,
could be what everyone actually wants.
Creativity will never reach
the level hidden in each thought,
because honestly,
only thoughts can be thoughts,
while writing,
will be writing.
To put this simply,
simple sleeps easy,
simple eats regularly,
simple pays the bills,
simple drives the speed limit,
simple makes it places safely,
simple knows how much money it makes,
simple stays reliable.
Complex can’t sleep regularly,
complex freaks out,
complex pulls hairs,
complex hurts,
complex shocks,
complex gets bored,
complex is crazy.
There are a lot of other examples
that can make simple look worse as well,
but I feel safe in guessing that
I’m not the only one
that focuses mainly
on one side
of an argument.
All I know is
I could really use some simple,
but complex is all I know.
I’ve heard that a tough road always has a great ending,
when honestly,
sometimes the road is the end.
But since I’m complex,
I don’t know what the end is.
All I do know,
is that I appreciate and love simple,
because too much complexity
really gets old.


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