The Trigger day 17

It’s honestly pretty quiet in here compared to war.  Besides the obvious muffled raping that happens at night to the unlucky roommates, it’s not too bad.  My mouth has habituated properly to the meals that they serve to us and I haven’t been forced to exercise since I’ve been in here.  I’ve found when I can shower with the guys that have been watching me since the beginning, so this bum leg and hurt arm aren’t having to fight.

I make my way over to the table in the open center of the jail where all of the cells are pointed towards, because I have a game of chess set up to play against Johnny Boy.  He’s a very sweet kid like they said and his eyes remind me of my wife because of how blue they are.  I could never tell him that though because who knows if I’m the guy that he decides to come out of the closet with?  I’d rather leave that as a mystery because its never the same if someone confesses feelings for a person that doesn’t feel the same way at all.

So I sit down on the concrete slab and see that Johnny has already set up both sides of the chess board.  I say, “Aw thanks Johnny, you didn’t have to set up my side as well?”

He replies with his sheepish smile in his country accent, “It’s nothin Jimmy.  I had the time and I figure it shouldn’t be too much of a bother.”

“Then I’ll enjoy the good ol’ southern hospitality you offer.”

“Well don’t get comfortable ’cause I’m pretty good at this and I like to win.  Just warnin ya.”

“No need to warn me because I’m not very good at this game.  I seem to only be good at one thing.”

He makes his first move as he asks, “What’s that?”

As I think on what move to make, I reply, “Killing people.”

We continue playing as we go through our conversation.  He says, “Well I bet you’re better n you think at a lot of stuff.  There has to be a hobby or somethin that you like?”

“Writing, if you should ask.”

“Oh yea?  What do you write?”

“Lots of stuff.  Books mainly because they’re the most descriptive and personally the most enjoyable as a writer.  I don’t have to worry about a bad actor screwing up the material I’ve written and so forth.”

“I hear that.  But based on talkin with ya, I’m sure you’re good at writing and a very smart man.  Me personally, I thought I was only good at takin care of my family and my wife.  But it turns out I’m quite a loose canon.”

I avert my attention to his face and ask carefully, “So… if you don’t mind me asking, how long, or do you know how long, was your wife… you know?”

A solemn smirk comes from Johnny before he says, “Well… honestly I knew that she wasn’t gonna be faithful to me from the get-go.”


“Well she already was with my cousin before she married me.  And on top of that, everyone in the family told me she still was with him.  I thought maybe they were tryin to split us up or just make me jealous, but it was true.”

“So you found her, and you…”

“Yep, her and my cousin.  I had just gotten off of the graveyard shift, my fifth overtime shift that week because with overtime I was makin over three sometimes four thousand dollars a week.”

“Wow, nice.”

“It was… but anyway, came home, saw my cousin inside of my wife and I didn’t know what to do.  It was like I instinctively just walked over to the secret little drawer in my dresser, pulled out my gun and shot them square between their eyes.  I instantly called the police on myself and turned myself in.”

“You turned yourself in?”

“Well ya.  Because I figure, if I can just snap like that rather than filin for divorce or what not, I need to be locked away immediately.”

I shake my head with a grin of disbelief as I say, “I’m sorry she broke your heart like that.  At least you know that it was wrong because most people wouldn’t have thought twice about it.”

He makes his last move and says, “Check mate” with a country grin on his face.

My eyes wiggle along the board as I say, “How the hell did you do that?”

He licks his teeth as he says, “Just good at what I’m good at.”

His face cautiously turns to the side and then he looks around to try and confirm what he’s thinking.  He leans in to me and says, “You better get on guard because there are no guards watching us for some reason and Big Kahuna we told you about is comin over here right now.  I can’t see his hands, but he always has a shank with him.”

Right after he finishes talking with me, I feel something cold sliding on the back of my neck back and forth.  I hear the heavy breathing of this man before he says, “You know… you look too pretty to just look at.”

My face aligns with Johnny boy before I quickly grab the king on the chess board and stab it into this man’s right eye.  He stumbles back with his right hand on his eye and his left hand slashing violently.  I kick out his right knee and bring him to the ground as I fall over the concrete bench and have Big Kahuna’s shank landing into his meaty shoulder.  He screams some more, so Mac’s attention has him darting from his downstairs cell to my location.  He punches out the other two criminals that were coming to kill me and then says in a sharp whisper, “Get the fuck to your cell now!”

Johnny Boy helps me hobble away from the fight as I hear Mac’s punches cracking the skulls of any new threat that approaches him.  As I get a memorable whiff of the blood I actually missed smelling, a smile creeps onto my face as I hobble up the stairs.  I look back down to see Mac getting electrocuted by the guards’ tazers.  Johnny Boy asks me, “Why are ya smilin?”

I reply, “It reminds me of what I’m used to.”

We both laugh to ourselves as he helps me get to my bunk.  Ramos is lying on his back reading something I can’t make out as he says, “So… they tried to make the hit on you huh?”

As I sit down I say, “Yep.”

“So I’m guessing that you have an even bigger target now huh?”



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