How The Wizard of Oz relates to moving

As a disclaimer, this whole analysis is coming out of my ass; for lack of a better term.  But, after thinking long and hard about The Wizard of Oz and how it personally relates with me, I feel as though it’s true for others; hence the movie.  Also, I’m very bored.

Here we go.

I relate with Dorothy because she is a good girl from Kansas, I’m a guy but whatever she’s from Kansas so it works enough; and she had to get away.  I feel as though the storm that took Dorothy away was a representation of how there will be a storm of emotions that make you feel like you need to get away.  Like you need to move your “home”, so her house was within the storm too.  When she saw her loved ones in the storm, she missed them dearly. But no matter what, she still felt like she was out of control and needed to leave.  But in that storm of emotions, she had to realize that she was going to face her demons, hence the wicked witch cackling like a whore riding on her rusty bicycle.

So the witch disappears and she lands on this strange person and kills them by accident.  I totally relate, because this dude called Ray Ray was talking smack and I offed that fool.  Just joking, so back to the main point.  I think this “random person” might have been her old self.  No matter what kind of a person she was or who she was in that old life back home, that person had to die for her to survive in a new way.  So she took the shoes off of her “old self” or the random chick who was a witch, and wore them because now she’s walking around with only her foundations in tact.  In other words, her new self’s shoes.

Yeah pretty out there, I know, but like I said, I’m bored…

She’s walking in these new shoes and she runs into some random people down the road. A scarecrow who thought he was a smart, big strong man but is so weak that he’s blown away by a strong wind; or eaten by crows.  Then some tin guy who used to be in his prime but needs a heart to feel good.  And then there’s this little gangsta kitty cat who’s trying to act big and bad but if you sneeze he shits himself.  Does this sound like some people you might meet in a new place? Like LA…?


Since Dorothy is the only person who was raised in a home where people are honest and don’t take bullshit from others, she says, lets go see this guy that they say is cool and powerful and test him on it.  But, then the demons of Dorothy, or the wicked witch of the west, came out and showed that she can be a bitch sometimes.  Sorry I’m a potty mouth…  Eventually, Dorothy remembered that she loves people over power, so she killed that bi…witch by pouring water on her.  This showed that her demons don’t have the power that she thought because they can be killed by the simplest thought.  “How do I kill this beast?! ‘shrug’ splash water on it?  Yeah, why not.”

So then she makes it to this big wig’s casa and knocks on the door totally disturbing his peace without giving a damn.  Could’ve been having a rough day?  Or getting intimate?  We don’t know but Dorothy didn’t care.  So she knocks on the door, figures out how to get in and then hears from this “Powerful Man” via his image projecting intercom.  She’s never seen something like this, so her and her squad let fear trickle down their legs while the lion let out a full load.

Long story short, she unveils the curtain of this guy that doesn’t like strangers in his house. He’s like, “Hey guys we’re all cool.  Here’s exactly what you want…. Get the fuck out and keep your mouth shut.”  Pretty interesting because then he offers Dorothy the one thing she wanted, the ability to go home; so we don’t know if that guy was still a jack-off when she left.  All that we know, is that she went home and ended up staying with the people that were the more whole versions of her friends rather than the hallow shells of their resemblance in another land.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just crazy and should remain quiet when I’m bored.  Or at least quiet my fingers.


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