The Trigger day 13

The turbulence of the plane knocks my head to the side and causes my eyes to open.  My focus clears up to see the seats on the opposite side of the plane still lined up parallel to the wall on either side.  I hear, “Aw shit!” whispered from my left, so I look over and am shocked by the blood I see running in between the metal cracks on the ground.  I see Privates Tagger and Locke with their heads in between their knees as crimson deception leaks from their head.  I look up to the General who’s wiping off his hands before he tries to stick something into a freshly cut open head.  By the shaven blonde hair, I know that it’s Private Locke.  I blink rapidly to see if this image in front of me changes; but I just see the General pound his fist into the back of Private Locke’s head to try and nail this device into him.  I yell, “What the fuck are you doing?”

The General stops using his fist as a hammer and looks at me with the his eyes taking over his face with guilt.  He says, “None of your fucking business!  Now stay quiet as I try and save a revolutionary device!”  He keeps on pounding his fist to try and lodge the trigger into Locke’s head.

My crippled body squirms out of my seat as I hobble with my cane in hand.  I yell, “Stop it now!”

The blood and sweat on the General’s face are wiped together with his right hand as he looks down and says in a panting mess, “Eh, it doesn’t matter if I get the damn thing in anyway, they’re both fucking dead now… son of a bitch!”  He kicks the leg of Angel Locke before he slaps Angel Taggers head.

I grab his shoulder and shout, “Dammit!” but then he kicks me down by my injured leg.  He begins to reach for his weapon, but my rage controls my reflexes so that I swat his gun from his hand with my cane and then whack him in his knee.  He yells as I continue to chop him to the ground until I hear his legs break.  I manage to stand up as he reaches for me, so I repetitively crush the bones in his hands and arms until he refuses to fight me anymore.  I’m so glad they gave me a metal cane instead of a wooden one.  Bad move on their part.

His acceptance of defeat allows him to say, “Alright, alright!  Enough God Dammit!”  My anger hits him one more time in the face before I hobble over and grab the gun he was going to fire at me.

He stares down the barrel of the gun when I come back as I stand over him.  As my face trembles with tears wanting to kiss my cheeks, I ask, “Why… why did you kill them you selfish bastard?”

The General spits out the excess blood in his mouth and stares at me with cold green eyes.  I point the gun with more ferocity, so he says, “They’re nothing but bodies anyway.  Why do you fucking care?”

“Those bodies had souls within them.  Souls that love and feel and had other souls that were excited to see them come home safe.  Not everyone was raised like you were… or like you raised me.”

Chuckles bounce his chest and neck before his coughing stops him.  He says, “Well… not everyone was lucky enough to be my son… son.”

“You don’t have the right to call me your son.  I never met my father, but even though he was never there, he was still a better father than you’d ever be.”

“Is that right?”

“What the fuck do you think?”

“Well I hate to break it to you… son… but I am your father.  Your mother just didn’t want to tell you the truth and I didn’t want to believe it myself.  But blood tests don’t lie… son.”  He starts to laugh some more as I stand there without knowing how to react.

The gun in my hand begins to drop before I compose myself again and say, “You’re lying…”

“Afraid not.  You’re the bastard that I was cursed with.”

“If I’m such a fucking curse to you, then why didn’t you just kill me?”

“Tried to with this chip.  And other times when you were a kid.  Did you really think that your house caught on fire by accident when you were sleeping every couple of years?  Or even when you were taken from your high school at sixteen by those ‘random thugs’ where they were supposed to beat you to death?  But it turned out that you were a fighter more than a lover… so that’s when I really knew that you came from me.”  He laughs even harder as I stand there with reality staining me with the sins of my father.

“You’re a monster… and I will never call you my father.”

“Oh come on… let the past be the past.  I made you into an unstoppable force!  You took out more than fifty terrorists on your own.  The fifteen that came to your camp the first day they attacked you, the forty three that were waiting in that cave for you and the last twelve that were about to kill these two boys!”

“What do you mean the forty three waiting for me?”

He pauses with shock after he moves his eyes around to frantically search for an answer.  He replies, “I didn’t say that.”

“Yes you did… what do you mean the forty three waiting for me?  And why do you know how many there were in exact detail?  I don’t even remember exactly how many there were…”  After the truth shows in his eyes, my mouth drops before I say, “You sent them… you sent all of them and you were testing your project on me… You just can’t stop trying to kill me can you!”

The veins in my right arm flare as I point the gun sternly at his forehead.  He says, “Come on… you wouldn’t kill your own dad would you?”

Emptiness distances my eyes as I say, “Like I said… I will never call you father…”

His eyes flare for the split second that he still owns his body.  I release the flash of the gun to send the evil within his mind splattering onto the ground.  His hatred mixes with the innocence that he stole on the ground before I hobble over to the cockpit.  I knock on the door and say, “It’s Colonel Jack!  I need your help!”  The cockpit opens with the co-pilot holding his gun to my face, so I throw up my arms and say, “I’m not here to hurt you… Take my weapon if you truly don’t believe me.”

The soldier stands there cautiously for a moment before he drops his weapon and says, “Come in.”  He shuts the door after taking my gun and then says to the men on the other line of the radio, “Sir, we have Colonel Jack in the cockpit with us.  He says that the gunshot we radioed you about was because General Freedmen was killing other soldiers.”

The man on the radio says, “Son of a bitch… bring in Colonel Jack for questioning when you land.  Since there was a crime, we have to investigate thoroughly.  Do you comply with our demands Colonel Jack?”

I reply, “Yes sir.”

“Good.  We’ll see you when you return home.  Over and out.”

They hang up the radio and the pilot and co-pilot begin briefing me of what I have to do when we land, but my mind is running too fast to hear their words.  They put hand-cuffs on me and then move their mouths in a way that looks like, “Do you understand?”

I reply, “Yes sir” and ride on the plane to a place I used to feel safe whenever I entered.  I can’t stop questioning whether or not they’re just going to kill me when I land because of the secrecy of this mission.  All that I want to do is be with my family.


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