The Trigger day 11

After being put to sleep so often and living within a dreamworld so much, my consciousness seems to be able to enjoy whatever comes now.  Especially after the last dream of how I almost enjoyed the touch of my wife; so now I focus my mind on the day that our future child was conceived.  

I see my queen sized bed sheets sleeping on my bed and mimicking the lotion they feel like.  The wooden headboard is standing guard between the two matching nightstands on either side of the bed with lamps ready to illuminate any bedtime story.  I feel the woven rug caressing my feet from the bitter touch of the hardwood floor.  The walls are stricken with joy with every picture of my wife and I and the relatives that we love.  As I’m in the middle of enjoying the light blue room away from chaos, I feel the medium sized hands of love sliding from my stomach to my chest.  Sabrina’s head eventually rests on my back and I can hear how her breathing is waiting for an exhale.  I feel as though I’m smirking on my operating table.

Sabrina says, “It feels good to finally touch you again.  Especially without any bullet holes.”

I say through my grin, “It feels good that you’re touching me.  It always sends my thoughts to another galaxy.”

“Well stay here with me so that we can enjoy the night.”

I turn around and place my mouth close enough to feel her breath as I say, “Your wish is my command.”

Her eyes twinkle desire into my fire, so I bring our lips together as I hoist her into the air.  Her free flowing lingerie dances in the air until I place her on the bed.  I slide my fingers down her propped up legs with the lingerie allowing me to free them from her with my thumbs.  Those finely tuned legs begin to tense and pulse when I glide my tongue around their defined muscles.  My mouth mimics a jellyfish as I continue to make my way to her portal of seduction.  Her left hand scratches on the back of my head as I enjoy tasting my other most favorite meal in the world.  I allow my hands to free her breasts and  caress her nipples as I continue to lick her into a squirming delight.  Every single twitch and every single spasm lets me know whether I should speed up or slow down my commanding tongue.  And when I feel the much desired arch of her back, I let the stream of happiness she has to offer flow continuously.

I work my way up her stomach slowly without worrying about rushing this act of love.  Yet, her hand guides my face to her lips so that she can taste the passion on my lips.  So we continue to taste each other as my legs wiggle from my boxers so that I can slide in the key to our new child.  Her jaw drops from the numbing sensation, yet I continue to kiss and nibble on her lips as I slowly stroke her into comfort.  Her legs wrap around my back to make sure that I never let our desires separate until the job is done.  I feel the back of her v telling me that I’ve gone far enough, yet my desire to expand her adventure tells me to continue to stretch her.  Her hair jumps from the thrusts of love as her throat fails to hold back the yelps that cause my soul to melt.

Her back slides across the bed as we continue to make ourselves one until she’s pinned against the headboard.  She puts up her hands so that her head stops making a continuous beat to match our thrusting hips.  The tempo continues to speed up until I feel the cooling rush of her love soak me into an eye-rolling world.  Our lips are brought back together as I slowly slide back and forth within her to enjoy the subtle squish that we’ve created.  Our souls lock within our eyes without any expression showing on our faces.  I stare in between the blue parts of her eyes to see the expanded black hole that leads me to her soul.  I find myself lost within in her as I continue to enjoy our subtle squish of love.  Eventually, a smirk appears on both of our faces as I bring my lips back to hers.  After our tongues have danced enough with each other, she turns over and rests on her elbows and knees.

She looks back with a smirk and motions with her neck for me to continue.  I mount her as I grab a full grip of her locks and begin to tug on her hair as I ram into her body.  The applause of sex rings on all of the walls with the company of her screams.  I hunch over her back and begin to bite my mark upon her while trying to taste her blood.  Several marks on her creamy tan skin show the greed within me.  After I feel satisfied that others will see that she’s my wife, I lean back and slap her butt to see the reddening of a beating on her.  I continue slapping and scratching her until I feel my insides begin to tingle.  A surge of delight begins to crawl to the shaft of my penis until a full load is ready to erupt.  She feels my thrusts beginning to change, so she pants out, “Do it!” and I let the possibility of life flow inside of her.

Her body melts into the bed sheets as I hunch over her back and continue to slide within her until I’m completely out of my gift for her.  I feel her release spurts of joy upon my pulsing manhood some more, so I refuse to exit her just yet.  She grabs my right hand and locks our fingers together and says, “Don’t leave me.”

I whisper in her ears, “I’m not going anywhere, my love.”

We remain panting with joy on our faces until eventually she moves so that she can lay on my chest.  The pillows cradle my head as I lay on my back.  We subtly kiss each other before she lays her head down and I stroke on her hair.  She says, “You better fucking come back.”

We chuckle before I say, “You know that I’ll do whatever it takes to come back to you Sabrina.  You’re the only thing that keeps me living anyway.”

She looks into my eyes and asks, “Really?”

“Of course.  I love you more than anyone else in the world.  Never forget that.”

“I love you more than anything else in the world Jimmy.  I will always remember that.  You, never forget that.”

I smirk as I say, “I won’t” and then we let our lips do the talking before she rests her head again.

My eyes close and then open to the bright light of the operating room.  I see my General next to me saying to another soldier, “What do you mean you’re pulling him out of the project?”

The soldier says, “Sir, besides almost getting killed and the trigger being damaged, the President said that he’s served enough and that he deserves the right to be with his family.”

“Are you fucking with me!”

The soldier’s eyes bolt over to my questioning dazed face, so the General marches over in an instant.  I leak out, “What are you talking about?”

The General replies, “Nothing son.  You’re going home.”  He turns the gas on next to me and covers my mouth with the mask.

I try leaking out, “What do you-” but then I find that my eyes are closed again.


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