LA Traffic

Multiple bodies are hidden in metal
as journeys continue where I never know,
all that I know are the sounds and the sights
that continue to give me the warmth of disgust.

Horns are the only thing anyone learned
from whatever academy they bought the right
to give out that one bird that will always go fly
and will flap to the anger as they will go by.

A smirk and a shake is the action I give
as my head drops to ground where this life is such bliss,
but there’s such a bike that will fart through the street
in such roaring of beats that you feel you can see.

Sirens are clockwork to part the red sea
and try rushing to others that create a scene
that most likely is nothing but fame for the blip
where someone they don’t know is right there in a jiff.

Annoyance will guide one of my hands to head
as I wait for a blinker that never was red
and they throw up a wave as they drive me insane
by not knowing the lessons that come with license.

Potholes are craters that eat up a car
in the moment you feel that you might be a star
until life let’s you know that you need AAA
or you better have green that can now save the day.

Running a light is so common its sick
that I’m waiting some more for this unthoughtful prick
to quit showing their lack of a care for others
and then freeing their bird when someone’s honk hovers.

Every new day is like such new gift
where the hell for a goal is within every shift
that may end up the last little breath from a car
by the oncoming carnage that total’s in bar.

Bikers on bikes and not motorcycles
feel the need to let free all their petty morals
of that stupid obsession to show their human
as they slow down the road with their pedaling fit.

Excitement continues to warn me of truth
that some day I will not be within this one booth
where no more of this sight will be stinging my eyes
when I live an area with silence as prize.


One thought on “LA Traffic

  1. Sound like my town but when I get away I don’t stay long and rejoice when I get back home. Today was a totally bad day driving so I can relate, Hope you find that silent place. Safe Travels 🙂


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