Feed me

Feed me the flavor that others will savor
to give out the nutrients many will favor;
no matter the choice in these ingredients,
I want to enjoy every breath that is spent.

Feed me the taste that will never give waste
to the dreams mixed in passions that never are actions
that cause me to hurl what will never be pearl
or be given the time to enjoy with pure wine.

Feed me the life that is full of the spike
that will set off the scale, it could be Richter,
or any excite that gives misery fright
so a goal is a whole that will fill up my bowl.

Feed me a chance where adventures can dance
to the rhythm and flow to keep blessings in show
with the constant new schemes that will compound the needs
of my hungry new beast that is my gluttony.

Feed me the meal that gives misery cease,
for that is the dish that will kiss me with peace.



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