The Trigger day 4

I find myself within my memories of quieter times.  I scan the area to see palm trees dancing with the wind as my eyes lock into the beauty of the ocean.  My back is being imprinted by the threads of the hammock as Sabrina’s back rests on my chest.  I smell that flowing hair that kisses her fruity shampoo into my senses.  I enjoy how her skin sends tingles into my soul as she gently strokes my arms that refuse to let her go.  As our breathing slows to the rhythm of our peaceful hearts, I can hear the smile on her face as she sighs.  I ask her, “What’s on your mind dear?”

She replies, “I’m just so happy to be here with you.”

“Well the feeling’s mutual.  No one else could make me feel as happy as you do.”

“Is that right?”  I can hear the playful sarcasm spinning in her mind as she says, “Well you’re alright I guess.”

I chuckle as I say, “You little brat.”

We enjoy the warm laughter trickling from our mouths before she says, “But why do you feel that way about me?”

“For starters, you actually have a brain within that beautiful body of yours.”

“Good start, continue.”

My head shakes with laughter as I say, “And you make my soul realize it has a mate.  Every time you breathe, every time you smile, every time you speak, every time you yell at me,” we both chuckle before I continue with, “and of course… every time we share our bodies with one another.  Also, we both have the same spiritual beliefs.”

She gently squirms deeper within my body as she says, “You’ve made your point well enough.  And you know I love you most of all.”

“Oh yeah?  Why’s that.”

She thinks for a moment and then says, “Because you keep my mind from wanting anyone else.  You always show who you are without trying to force anything, and you naturally make me happy.  You don’t have to act like the perfect man to me; you just are.”

“That’s good enough I guess.”

She hits me as she says, “Oh shut it.”

I hug her tighter and kiss her fragrant head as we both enjoy some more laughter together.  As we continue looking into the ocean, she asks, “Why do you have to go back and fight?”

My eyes drop for a moment as I reply, “It’s my duty.”

“But why do you have to go back now?  I thought that your time was done and you didn’t have to fight anymore?  I want you to stay with me and be safe.”

“And I want to stay with you and be safe.  But something is telling me that I need to do this one last time.”  I scratch the back of my head and then put my arm back around her.

“Then forget whatever is telling you to leave me and stay.”

I chuckle as I say, “Sweetie, that’s not how it works.  And I already agreed to go and fight one last time.”

“But you know that you’re more of a creative mind than a fighter.  Why can’t you just find a job doing that or be a starving artist that continues to pursue his dreams in the safety of our home?”

“Because a job for a black man doesn’t fall into his lap, and I’m not about to mooch off of you.  I need to be a man and I need to do whatever it takes to provide, no matter what.”

“But I want you to stay.”

I pause for a moment and shake my head before saying, “What’s really wrong?  You’re usually not this persistent about me staying with you.”  There’s a long pause, so I nudge her and ask, “Sabrina?  What’s wrong?”

She turns her graceful body around and let’s those glistening blue eyes hold my attention.  She says, “Jimmy… I’m pregnant.”

Excitement throws out my composure as I say with saucer eyes, “Really?”  Her smile returns to her face as she nods her head, so I wrap joyous arms around her and say, “Oh my God!  We’re having a baby!  Aaaaaah!”

I attack her with kisses and almost capsize the hammock with all of our excitement.  She giggles as I squeeze her until she can’t move away from me.  Composure returns to our party as I ask her, “When did this happen?”

“Well… when you returned to receive your medal and we celebrated vigorously for the next couple of days… ta-daaah.”

We chuckle as I say, “This is unbelievable.  I can’t… wow…”

“I know… we’re having a baby.”

“Wow…” I stare at her again and ask, “Do you have a preference on a boy or a girl?”

“Honestly I don’t care.  A boy would be easier because they just break stuff, but I’d be happy with either one.”

“Me too… wow… Wow!  Oh my God WOW!”  I hug her again and taste the lips that send me to heaven.  I say, “I love you so much Sabrina…”

“I love you more than anything Jimmy…”

“I will make sure I come back to you… Even if it means my legs are the price for my return or an arm or something of that nature… but I have to come back to you and our little display of love.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Her lips clinch together before she says, “Okay…”  Her eyes begin to well with emotions, so I gently stroke my thumb underneath her right and then her left eye as the air shows how much life her hair has.

I say, “Don’t worry… I love you too much to leave.  And I want to have a family with you too much to let some person I don’t know steal me from you.”


We taste the mixture of our lips and tongues again before she rests her head on my chest to hear my heart still beating.  I sigh with a smile towards the ocean but then feel the same itch on the back of my head.  The warm breeze caresses us as I bring my hand back down and pet the beauty of my wife.  My memories begin to fade as I see the blurred interior of the camp’s medical quarters.  I look over to see an IV in my arm and then the face of my General.  He asks the doctor next to him, “Can you fix it so this doesn’t happen again?”

The doctor replies, “I’m not certain sir.  I wasn’t on this project in the beginning, but I’ll do everything I can.”

“Well fix it dammit.  No one can know about this.”

My vision takes me away again until more memories give my eyes a show.


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