Alley Cat

Unseen is the skill that is kept with the thrill
of adventures of streets that are crawling with beasts
that could capture the stature of whatever factor
helps keep this known creature from any trapped feature.

It will not approach every stranger that comes
for that person could danger whatever it bums
from the stash in the trash that will keep it alive
’cause survival is vital for this cat to thrive.

Freedom inside of this nature filled kingdom
ensures many baths with that leg up for fur
that is hidden unless it is laying on back
which is rare when it lives in a hole or a ditch.

Glee comes to me when this prancing new friend
has now purred up to greet with a rub and sniff
when it never knew me but had felt energy
that was never a threat inside its little head.

Eventually it will continue its life,
but now I enjoy this new friend of the night.



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