The Trigger day 3

As my eyes blaze with hatred on a path I do not know, I feel myself being pulled from within my body.  I see my face creasing until my teeth are growling like a beast.  No matter how much debris smacks me, I never twitch from the signs of pain.  I end up passing the armored vehicles that were at base camp without any desire to see if they know who I am.  My outer-body experience turns to see the faces of the soldiers stricken with confusion by my mad-man path.  When an unsuspecting civilian is crossing the street, their fear freezes them in place, but my desire causes me to speed up.  The screams of a soul wishing to live are heard by me, but not my body.  The brakes on the bike are hit until I’m in skid, and I watch as my right leg braces me and my bike whips around the civilian until my left leg braces me again to keep me on course.

A rocky terrain that resembles a baby mountain becomes visible to my blood enraged eyes.  I end up right outside of an opening on the baby mountain and leave my bike revving.  I rip off a piece of my right sleeve and then begin to tie it to the throttle with my other hand still on the brake.  The back tire begins to yell for whoever is inside while flinging dirt at anyone who may approach me from behind.  My rage desires to taste on the three bodies that are leaving the building with guns in their hands.  A demented smile takes hold of my hatred as I let the bike drive itself into the gun-wielders and takes them out like bowling pins.  My feet carry me as if I’m weightless until my hands grab my pistols and send three precise bullets into the spiritual eye of these men.  I don’t know what’s happening to me, but I can’t stop myself.

The noise of death definitely attracts the curiosity of everyone else inside as I hear them scream their battle cries.  Yet their screams are silenced as quickly as their seen without any wasted shots.  My possessed body continues to sprint deeper within the dimly lit cave without running into the oozing walls.  At every corner, another victim is taken out by the hands I used to call mine.  As soon as I see a great opening within the cave, I’m brought into the world of war as I stare at thirty different soldiers with nothing but hatred darting in my direction.  As I look at my face, all that I see is desire; and I don’t know why my eyes have started to bleed crimson tears.

I hear them shout, “Ah la la la la la la la” as they reach for their weapons.  I run along the edge of the platform above them and fire my right and then left pistol without any breaks between the shots.  I watch their turbans go from beige or grey to red, one by one.  The threats that had time to reach their weapons begin to fire at my maniacal body, but miss me to send threatening ricochets within the cave.  A rogue bullet grazes my left side, but my passions don’t flinch at all from the wound.  I leap from the platform as I sheath my left weapon and pick up one of the deceased with that free hand.  I have never had this kind of strength in my life; what’s happening to me?

Their former comrades body is continuously shredded by their screaming bullets as I continue to pluck them off like game.  When my desires for blood infect me to the point of no return, I realize that I’m almost out of bullets.  I sheath my other pistol and grab the body of another man I never knew. I hear that they’ve emptied their clips, so I throw their friends at them to trap them beneath their imminent death.  As they squirm and show fear in their ballooned eyes, I see my face giving them a preview of hell.  My eyes are still bleeding with crimson rage as my teeth are dripping with a liquid taste of iron.  My quivering mouth continues to grin at the six remaining men as I pierce their skulls with my knives right where their thoughts used to fear me.

Footsteps echo within the walls and cause me to grab the semi-automatic weapon on my back.  I wait until the footsteps become an image and I relentlessly blast them into the afterlife.  I watch the walls begin to mix its natural oozing liquid with the blood of my victims.  I slowly approach them and use the wall as a shield as I continue to empty my clip.  I stop firing when I don’t see anymore bodies to see if I can hear any life beyond the wall.  I hear the shaking of an inexperienced warrior, so I wait until he’s ready to die.  When my patience is about to run thin, I hear him running towards me with a feeling of victory; but I only give him the feeling of defeat.  I notice that my weapon is empty now, so I drop it to the ground with the empty bodies.  A sick part of me is enjoying this carnage.

My overused body begins to show that it’s coming to its limits in energy used as I watch me stumble before composing myself.  But then, like a machine that never stops until its duties are complete, I go deeper within the cave to find the face that has flashed in my skull.  I see a pole that leads deeper into the interior of the cave, so I walk back to my previous work and grab three more bodies and carry them on my shoulder, under my arm and one in hand.  I drop the bodies one by one to the bottom of the hole and then hear frightened people empty their weapons.  When they give that final click of defeat, I slide down the pole and slice the four men that were surrounding it as they are trying to reload their weapons.

Then I turn my attention to face the man my mind wouldn’t stop painting for me.  He’s surrounded by monitors that show the images of his deceased followers on every screen as well as the image of the armored vehicle from my camp parking outside.  His sandy skin and graying hair remain as motionless as his aged face.  The creases of hatred that his face has obviously held for many years remain relaxed as he examines me with his black eyes.  He stands his weathered body up and continues to stare at me as if he could still kill me.  My rage infested smile shows him that I’m not one for stand-offs as it approaches him while licking my demonic teeth from dripping anymore.  This covers my whole mouth with blood and finally lets his eyes show his true knowledge of fear.  The man begins to say “I surren-” but my right knife dug into his bronchial plexus and choked all the way to where his chin meets his throat.  His hands clinch my back with his fading eyes staring at my empty eyes until his legs get the signal that his brain is no longer on.

I pick up his body and then carry him back to the outside of the cave through the secret passage of stairs to my left.  The walls continue to ooze with the texture of the mountain and the lives that used to know this planet.  I make my way to the sunlight that hurts my eyes now until I see the armored trucks that left the camp waiting outside of the mountain.  The soldiers draw their weapons and yell, “Surrender!”

I drop the body from my shoulder and then fall to the ground as the clicking between my ears begins to fade.  All of the pain in my eyes and my side begin to gnaw on my peace as I begin to enter my body again.  I scream in pain as I yell, “It’s Jimmy!  I’m Jimmy!”  The soldiers look at each other with shock, so I say, “It’s Colonel Jack Dammit!  Aaaaaaagh!”

They drop their weapons and sprint to my location to see what happened to me.  They look at the body and then look at my work outside of the cave and carry me into their vehicle.  I remain moaning in pain as they send in two soldiers to check for any possible threats inside.  The officer in command looks me in my bloody eyes and asks, “What the hell happened Colonel?”

I stare at him with fear welling my eyes as I say, “I don’t know…”

His fear ridden face begins to move his mouth some more, but my mind begins to fade without holding onto any words coming from him.  Then, just as slowly as I felt my body again, everything goes black.


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