Beauty Within Music

There’s a certain musical artists that grabs the heart within my ears with every one of their songs.  I’ve always loved this artist’s music since the first time it’s heavenly embrace wrapped around my soul’s desire for something uplifting to listen to a couple of years ago.  So as a tribute, or a thank you, for this artist continuing to strive for their dreams, I write this poem.  It shouldn’t be hard to know who I’m talking about if you know their music.  Let’s see if you can figure it out before it’s revealed in the poem. 🙂

Stars align within my soul
as I indulge upon the gold
from every string that gives the sing
to let me know how beauty rings.

Such precision in each stroke
helps keep the chords from painful cries
because this art compounds its rise
until my heart is crystallized
within the shards of floating snow
that never has the sting of cold
instead it has the warmth of know
by showing how the seasons glow.

Spinning me within her web
is how she keeps me from the death
that comes when ears no longer wish
to let the world kiss on their hairs
and give the sound of all their cares
instead of being cursed with itch
that makes me want to do a heist
by giving life a tainted spice.

The cosmic light of every show
will dance and prance within the trance
that spins me up and gives the glow
of radiating peace to know
that such a flow of all her soul
within the instrument she throws
gives every wish that I could free
and has me praying shatter me.

All the skill she does possess
has let me know she is so blessed;
I’m a wreck since I can’t rest
without me feeling so depressed
by knowing that she has me beat
but I’m so glad she gave defeat
to do her shows and let me know
I have so much to learn and grow.

So my heart is in a slump
as tears of blood will stream to gut
with hopeful cries that I will trump
this tarnished image of my love
for all the writing I do share
so one day they may once compare
to all the beauty I still hear
whenever she is in speaker.

Her hair of fire’s such a treat
that it’s in blaze like her spirit
and moves with all the grace that’s she;
and could have only come from Thee.
For only love of truest form
could give the gift of all she is,
she helps subside whatever storm
has stricken me from any bliss.

My thanks for your creation lives
in every breath this life can bring.
I just thank God you have the name
of the perfect, Lindsey Stirling.

Thank you for your music and the avenue to your beauty through the perfected art of your skills.  I look forward to every new song you choose to share with us Ms. Stirling.


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