With the marriage of my silence of lips,
I found a new trick has accompanied this.

For it is true that my thoughts have come through
in the form of the words that this world can observe
in the spaces of mind that are in yours and mine
to now see that the things that I say are in play.

Some questions were posed when I came to know this,
like do now my words control what I live like?
And now it’s a yes since I see that I’m blessed
with the power of life that ignites when I talk.

I can give light to the dreams and the wishes
that any could want like some health and some riches;
or even the want of some food or a drink
that could keep up the life that is wanted in sight.

Any old thing or now any new thing
could be given the spring that is meant to give ring
to the marriage of wants that are in our hearts
because now all my words can keep us from apart.

But none of this power would ever see hue,
if all that I said was so far from what’s true
and I lied when I knew what I said was not truth
but I now cannot say any less than the truth.

I love that control is now such an old goal
since it is in my words and whatever I blurb;
but caution is taken with such a great gift,
since this power can go either way that it shifts.

So I’ll enjoy this new gift in my life,
for maybe it will be the end of much strife.

Words are all that I am.


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