I see all these images in front of me,
and find myself thinking of what they can be.

Always in stir in some interesting way,
whether it’s playing or resting their head.

Enjoying life with some fear of the dead,
when nothing should scare what they know will be theirs.

Highs crash to lows and they smile sorrows,
and always will dream of some new tomorrow.

Giving deceptions to throw out perceptions
to show they can change, when they do not know change.

Others give truth with their word as their bond,
but others don’t trust because they are so gone.

Saying they know what they do and they mean,
when most of them really do not even think.

Losing their shapes by some altered disguises
that cover the soul in their meaty surprises.

Thinking this body is something forever,
when never thinking their soul is much better.

Enjoy the moment and think of the now,
is most of their lives, in any new town.

Starting a war full of gore and defeat,
while saying its purpose is only for peace.

Having a baby by accident or purpose,
is such a fine line, they keep it from surface.

Being with someone without being with them,
only because of what they go through now.

Being in love when they really mean lust,
can really hurt when their trust is a bust.

Shouting that others are not really human,
since none of their actions are on the same page.

When actually all that they do is so true,
to being a human like any of you.

Countless other things prove they are of this world,
that always show me I am far from this world.

Yet watching their actions are such great distractions,
because this whole life is just such a great movie.


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