Insatiable Release

I feel as though I should put a warning on this post.  Not everyone is comfortable reading about sex, nor does the average person think and fantasize about it (which inevitably leads to acting on it) as much as I do.  So if this is you, do not read this.

Now for the rest of us that are comfortable with our sexuality and crave it every second that we breath, I hope you enjoy some of my practice material. 🙂

As I sit in my room with my thoughts licking my passion, I start to feel constriction in my loins.  An inevitable twitch comes to an addict like me as I allow my mind to be consumed with lust.  As I feel the tingle of sensation continue to take over my body, a woman enters my room.  She greets me as usual, yet she reads the words shooting from my eyes.  After her soul gives the same reflection, a smirk appears on her full lips.

I examine her lustful body as my soul continues to long for her touch.  Her jet black hair that subtly flows to her mid-back brushes along her beautifully tan skin as she cocks her head to the side.  As her eyes that have been influenced by the eastern hemisphere lock me within her grasp, she slowly begins to reveal the beauty she has underneath her dress.  Every single piece of her glowing epidermis continues to build my fire I have towards her.  The perfectly perky breasts that are accompanied by the most proportionate nipples stand up when the cool breeze of the air conditioning hits her.  This always brings out the beast within me.  Her stomach has subtle lines that lead to the most desirous part that I wish to please.  Eventually, her dress glides to the floor to show those graceful long legs before they begin to approach me as if she’s not touching the ground.

When she makes her way over to me, I find that I’m already naked.

Her lips find their way to mine as we exchange our own personal flavor of desire.  Every single stroke that her tongue gives to mine causes the burn within my stomach to explode within my body.  I stroke her sides up to her hair and then grab a hold of it to pull back her head.  I begin to taste on her neck before I make imprints of my teeth upon that delicious skin.  As I hear her exhale, I take control and place her back onto the sheets.

My hand wishes to feel her desires, so it touches on her treasure to see that it’s streaming a flow of passion to welcome me in.  I loosen her up by slowly stroking the walls within her and tickling the sensitive parts of her v.  I enjoy watching her neck contort as her eyes roll to show that every part of her I stroke is hitting the nerves that make her lose control.  My throbbing manhood wishes to feel the same enlightenment, so I slowly ease myself into her.  Her eyes clinch together as I continue to stretch her into comfort.  Her hand touches my chest to pause me for a moment, but my greed ignores her request for me to stop.  After she moans as I continue to enter her, I feel the back of her whispering secret stop me from going any further.  Our lips find their way to each other again before I continue to expand her.

My greed to feed her pleasures grow all the more as I watch her breasts continue to show their lack of plasticity.  Feeling her portal of seduction stop me before completely entering inside of her with every thrust makes her yelp in pleasurable pain.  I continue thrusting deeper and deeper inside of her until I can finally feel her pelvis against mine.  The aroma of sweat and passion lick my nostrils and send my brain into a euphoric state.  My eyes examine her soul and see that she is locking her eyes within mine.  As my lips quiver in excitement, I lift her legs into the air and put her feet by my ears.  I then grab her arms and hoist her into the air so I can pin her against my wall.

She grabs onto my neck and feels her back causing the wall to shiver in excitement.  I continue hoisting her up and pounding our desires together while watching every piece of her to make sure she’s pleased properly.  I feel every contour of her vagina continue to stroke my cock as she lets out her personal lubricant.  A slow slide back and forth to enjoy the moment is shared between us before the tempo has to return to our ambitious speed.  When she finally shows that she’s losing her ability to hold on, I throw her back onto the bed with her hands and knees holding her up.

I pull on her hair again as I ram lust into her body and watch as the crease from her spine perfectly aligns with the path to our newly created center.  The constant ramming makes her body unable to stop bending forward as I watch and feel her orgasmic release show me that she’s been properly pleased.  I continue to slowly slide in and out of her to enjoy the moment of being one with such a beautiful soul.  When she finally comes to, she stops me with her guiding right hand and then takes control of me.

She guides me to lie on my back and assumes her dominant position above me.  She places me inside of her and begins to bounce me into submission.  She takes my twitching hands and places them on her chest as she continues to show me that she is much better than I.  She rolls her hips back and forth and hits every part of the tip of my manhood and sends a toe-curling sensation throughout my body.  She tastes and bites on my neck and lips as I lie there helpless.  She then positions herself to the tip of my penis and gyrates up and down until she sees that my release is inevitable.  Control flees my soul as I mimic her same orgasmic release and am left there in a panting mess of happiness.

We smile as we bring our lips back together to taste the body harnessing the soul that knows how to please the senses.  She lies down on top of me and giggles from the state of ecstasy we’re sharing.  Rest seems like a good option, yet a great option strikes our mind as we look at each other with the same desire lighting our face.  I ask, “Again?”

She happily replies, “I’ll grab the lube.”


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