Getting started

Thoughts are within a new whirlwind of new
without any known knowledge of what there’s to do.

Should I begin with a simple known thought
that will grow until old to reveal what was knot?

Or should I now press to give signs of digress
by allowing a snowball of troubles to melt?

Maybe the start should be nothing too smart
so that others can see what my mind gives to me.

All that I know is I need to begin
with exploring my love, since it’s death is a sin.

Whether it’s writing or some form of fighting
with all my past troubles that no longer double
since I grabbed a hold of the truest of gold
that has paid out my bail from a tormenting jail
that would only give pain until I was insane;
so now I am free to go see what is me.

No matter the hardships that come with this life,
it never will end until sparks start the light
that will show me the way to a loving new day
where the joys of this world are all that I employ.

Since this new baby that’s known as my life
has now taken a stand for the very first time,
it’s time for first steps until running delight
are what guide me to sights that are perfect and kind.


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