Remembering Happiness

As I’m in grind with a grin straight ahead,
I think of the times that are stuck in the dead.
Some say the past but I say they don’t last,
they never will come ’cause their present is done.
Yet they have life in this replay of mind;
and there is one that still warms me with kind.
Thinking of one that is such a great girl
who only will smile when my eyes are closed,
because my mind will remember the swirl,
collecting my thoughts even when I have dozed.
The days in her presence were always so sunny;
I even would wish she would call me her honey.
It could be raining or even so gloomy,
but from her smile all darkness would lose me.
All of the jokes that were served without fail
kept us together with life on prevail.
She warmed my soul without trying a bit,
because she’s perfect in every known fit.
How I do wish that she still was by me,
because together our souls were so free.
Now I remember her in her own file;
she is the one, that really makes me smile.


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