Sitting alone never seems to condone
to the silence that rests in the places I’ve met
since I always will hear something like it is near
when it speaks in my head where my visions are bred.

Sometimes they’re good and at others they’re bad
because they were created when my world was mad;
yet others are bad when my soul is so sad,
for good doesn’t speak when my conscience is weak.

But when my wheels are in such a great turn
I just know that my passion has stricken a burn
to achieve what I earn until I do not yearn
for whatever was yelling for me to succeed.

Sometimes the question of who was just speaking
gives me a weird feeling of what I’m perceiving
like what if that voice was actually the God,
yet no one believes me because I am odd.

Whenever an herb puts my body in chill
then the voices will only see food as thrill,
not too productive but quite a bit fun
when there only are movies and snacks that get done.

But now as the voices continue to speak,
I find that I listen to what I do want,
instead of the masses my brain used to reach,
that never would teach and just kept growth at stunt.

Also these voices could be other souls
that I met in this life and had shared some insight
on what ever was meant to be stories we told
in the time that our lives were meant to be entwined.

So I just listen to figure them out
and have reasoned to know them without any doubt.


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