Sky over Centralia
Sky over Centralia (Photo credit: erin m)

Troubles have grabbed me in times that have passed
and remembrance forgot what had made them so vast.

Stubbornness has been a lifelong known friend
that has put me in trials that could have seen end.

If only the payment of was put in obey
then my life would taste easy on most of my days.

For sometimes it’s best to give in to the test
that will see if a goal was a worthy known toll.

Yet since my desires are planting new fires
that never will end until I am the man
with the life that was paved from my old self’s own grave
then I’ll only obey what this dream has to say.

It’s just tough that it’s rough on this road to great lengths
for all measure will show that I’ll need to build strength.

Still learning,
so bring it on world.


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