This can truly make the eyes lose their visual of the world.

I know because it has been stained upon my heart.

Although the definition is not the same for the whole world,
I’ll explain.

This is what love means to me.

I’ll put you as first and fill passion till last
and make sure that our lives are fulfilled with some laughs.

We’ll share our world and then share our thoughts
to show that we know truth of what each other sought.

There’s never a reason that I would make treason
because there’s no other that I want to smother
in heartfelt affection that prints an impression
until there’s perfection without a bad section.

I’d share all the gifts that have been in my life
past the day that I know that you’ll be my own wife
where our nights are still bright since our love is the sight
that will build up our grin that has grown since begin.

Surprises and rises of constant new treats
would be what you would meet as we lengthen the feet
that will measure our love and then soar up above
what was once our end because there is no end.

I’d grab you and hold you until you felt warmth
when the world has been harsh and has made you lose grip
on what you had held tight because it was your might
that has proved to be weak but we’d pass by defeat.

For we would be partners and never a foe
to each other or brothers that we would still know
since you’d be more than she but a big part of me
that would give life a meaning and show I’m not dreaming.

And when we’d connect I’d show that we would best
any type of effect that is felt in our chest
for we’d make a new soul out of what we both know
which is way more than sex because there’d be no rest.

I’d strum on your skin with a loving new grin
that would tickle your soul until eyes would then glow
and then teeth would be seen since there is no restrain
on how much we would gain in this sharing love game.
The sweat that would drip and then slide down our pride
would be tasted upon this new vision of dawn
where I only see you and you only see me
as we feel out our passion that’s a satisfaction.
We both would let pants be our music of choice
that are blending with strokes of our eager tongues’ wish
which gives out the new pitch of the purest of voice
that is served on the best and most generous dish.
Time would be not since there’s no need for clock
as we show how we know what makes both still tic-toc
til our bodies would lock and not feel too abrupt
until both would relax to then let out erupt.

We’d run from demise as we make compromise
to fulfill our needs til we lose all our greed
and live happy together through all types of weather
til age turns us gray and we cuddle in grave.

This is the vision that pins down my mind
on how love is a treat that should always be kind.

Yet others are not made from my type of a wire
that’s tethered from growing outside of a fire.

Love is defined from a person to person,
so never believe that they may be like you.

See if the love that is shown by their actions
match up to what you believe should be their actions.

If there’s a line that was passed without care
then that person is not where you should spend your fare.

Never give up on the search for your match
for this is not a race that you want to have scratched.


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