Sidewalk Sleeper

As these eager feet of mine
take on a journey that’s divine,
the eyes that show what’s in the world
have locked upon a man in slumber.

The man is without a roof
and looks as though he has no food,
dirt and dust are on his clothes
but he is still within a doze.

Curled in fetal with some drool
he’s resting under something shady,
this man is down outside a school
and cares as much as any baby.

The tale of how he came to be
a man that has nothing to own
besides the sleep that stays with him
is locked away with mystery.

Some say they are just lazy bums
that scrape along and beg for crumbs
and only ask for any call
that gets them tastes of alcohol.
But who’s to say that this is such
where no one wants to beg for much
besides a taste of what gave waste
to take their life and leave them strife?
For what if they were you or me
and had to sleep where they will pee
while looking down upon the ground
to see their home is just a slum?
That sounds as rough as eating coal
to know my home could be a hole
that drowns me out when there is rain
and every look would give me pain.
For all just look to them like trash
and try to treat them like a rash
without the proper way to fix
their house that’s made of brittle sticks.

What if they just had it tough
where every job just gave them guff
until they felt the greedy hand
take out their job and all their stand.
They tried to fight against defeat
but all their fail was on repeat
and no one gave them any chance
to know what happy comes in dance.
Why not just help and give some food
and do this world a little good
because some change won’t rearrange
how much they wish they ate a dish.

The one thing that I realize
is that most still just generalize
and think they all are just a failure
when they could be in a rut.

So enjoy the sleep that comes now sir
for you have shown that there’s still peace,
when all around will come to blur
this simple gift will never cease.


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