Earning a title

More memories sift through my twisting think state
to give weakness a shake to get back to my fate
of regaining the crown that gives winning the gown
to become my one bride that will swell me with pride.

I know that my mind will be cursed with emotions
that pour out devotions of failing new potions
which melt out my spirit to burn and then sear it
with anything bad so that I won’t be glad.

But then I say things to help rejuvenate
so that I will become someone way more than great.

So what if my chase has not won any race
because I should still run since I’m so far from done.

So what if the love that I wish I could feel
has not ended the way that would make it feel real.

So what if my world can look darker than dark
because my soul is light and will always give spark.

So what if some trials will take me on miles
that wind on this road that is hard and not gold.

So what if this life has not always been pretty
’cause nothing that’s shiny has never been gritty.

So what.
So what.
So what.

Over it.

I’ll win this new chase because now it’s my race
that will give out the end where I shine out a grin.

I’ll win against love even though it’s been tart
because there is just one that will stay in my heart.

I’ll win with the light that will give out the sight
that is warm with my passion and more satisfaction.

I’ll win in this drive that will leave me with smiles
from gaining more gold inside every new mile.

I’ll win against gritty and dirty new troubles
and bury them under the deepest of rubble.

I’ll win.
I’ll win.
I’ll win.

Enough said.

It’s time to begin in this city of angels
for now I will win, no matter the angles.

And last time I checked my heart still gave a beat
that gives out a pure rhythm that lifts up my feet.

The only thing left for this boy seeking glory
is to keep on writing my triumph life story.

Story of my life; take two.


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