After Life

When stillness grabs the bodies fight
it shines no more and leaves a sight
for all to see when on display
just right before they’re in a grave.

Some fear is tasted on the lips
that dip and sift within some teeth
since no expression shows on face
which will join earth and mold to waste.

Questions jump out from the eyes
as others kneel with solemn cries
of how they should have met demise
instead of love that has now died.

Yet all I think is why be sad
since each of us will see the end
that my end up being a friend
instead of something that is mad.

It could be great within the state
that takes you up to meet your make
and see the light of all the stars
instead of frights that leave some scars.

For all you know you could be dead
and in a dream within a bed
where I am fake and only shake
what you thought real and never feel.

So just enjoy today and play
within the world that you believe
for there’s no say on if you stay
within a realm your soul receives.


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