My Question

What is in this store that is titled with life?
Will it always be the bringer of tight
and constructed new pains that have taken the reigns
that will steer me to days that leave me in a gaze?
A gaze that is distant from all of my thoughts
since it reaches for nothing and excites little knots
that are twisting inside to give me a divide
from the vision of things that are in front of me.
Where will I end up in this constant tough battle
that keeps taking glee with the easiest sea
and has tossed me in streams that are far from the dreams
in which I was so free to end up with just me?
Why do I still venture to seek out a goal
that is hard to achieve to just feel a fool
when my face greets the ground with a thuddening sound
to show me I failed when the dream was prevail?
Why do I still rise when I was very low
when the previous tries were the worst of the show
that were given from me to show I am not great,
and still others believe that last fact’s for debate?
Why do I show smiles for all of the people
that care for my face as much as a disease
when my heart has been trapped in a cemented steeple
where everyone points and then laughs with much ease?
If people have dreams of befriending persistence
then why do they look at me like I am gifted
with having this thing that they say ends the distance
and gives out the strength that lights up what was tinted?
Instead observing what I try achieving
why don’t they just go and try getting what’s here?
I just don’t understand a lot about this life,
all that I know is that I give the facts.


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