My thoughts and my spirit are stuck in a puddle
that doesn’t have anything special about it.
It stays in its spot without moving with life
and it always is riddled with someone’s new spit.

The puddle stays still and just soaks up its body
while showing the sight of whoever’s around.
Excitement is distant or just a reflection
as nothing worth keeping is thrown on the ground.

A gust of some wind sends my body in spins
until I find that I’m leaking down an old drain.
A fight is not given since I move with the world
that has taken this body that has no more brain.

The darkness of home seems to be my alone
for when drops of my ripple send only echoes.
I’m now just observing since I’m not worth serving
and nothing seems right as I leak down this slide.

A wish for the better is crying for sight
yet the time for that gift reads it will take a while.
So one thing I know when it comes to this life
is the greatest of actors are ones with most smiles.


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