The Devil Within

After running for a while I have come to terms with this,
I was always showing smile but it was so far from bliss.
It was only a deception to throw out a false perception
so that others wouldn’t see the devil living within me.

That evil would just say that I could hurt someone today,
or just enjoy some lust because that touch is such a must.
It also made some deals so that I got away with steals,
that hid me from the freedom of enjoying godly light.

But then I sat and thought about how much my soul would rot
if I had never come to terms until I had to deal with burns.

The reason I am speaking on this hard and evil subject,
is because I now have vision that is so much clearer,
this truth is something I believe should be given to public,
for it was very shocking seeing devil in the mirror.

I smiled in the mirror as a  happy false disguise,
but then the devil smiled and was staring from my eyes.

A burning rage that had a glaze of hate without remorse,
was such a force that I was horse when I tried speaking up.

So when I saw that evil there that was so much than just a glare,
I had to swear that I would dare to change my ways instead of share.

Be sure to know that he is real and that he wants to make  to make a deal
that will help steal your only soul until you find your in his hole.

But if he’s real then He is real because there needs a balance,
I just can’t wait until my fate helps show me all His talents.

Although I’m lost for I can’t share what I wish to adore,
for that won’t shine until I come to know Him all the more.

For they are both within, just like the love that’s next to sin,
the only thing that’s needed is your journey to be seeded.

Face the devil head on,
and be sure to kick his ass.


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