Will Power

When defeat is at your feet
and wishing you to lose your peace,
there is a silent hero
that could turn out to be zero.

It all depends on ears
that have matured with all the years
on whether you will hear their voice
to give you the most best of choice.

Then the choice has to spark up
a little flame that will erupt
some helpful friends that have the action
to give out a satisfaction
of the drive to take a dive
within the pool of any school
that educates with great debates
on whether you will make a fate
that mixes up the way of life
so that there is the joy of light
to shine within another grin
for everyone to have a friend
within their perfect universe
which lacks the taste of any curse
for it is within their own temple
that they know is very simple.

But this action has to come
outside of every single side
of that one kingdom in your mind
that holds together all your pride.

You have to make sure not to cower
from feeling of the power
that will come from all around
for then you will end up in ground.


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