Aggravation doesn’t even start to give an explanation,
for how this little prick of life is such a challenge in this ride
that takes me into different places that will leave such little traces,
of how I actually existed in this world where some are gifted.

But who would’ve thought
that I had to stop
to help make a plot
and then find a spot
where my soul could plop
where it wouldn’t rot
and it always fought
’til it finally got
a nice place to shop.

This place it would shop would be such a delight
because there would be love in a bowl of great sights.

But the process it takes to get something that’s great
is a tormenting old pain that is never too easy
but as long as I wait to help make it a fate
then this life can be something that really is breezy.

Now I have to grab patience from that lonely shelf
so that gold can be tasted without being tainted.


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