Starting Over

Comfort is an enemy that keeps me feeling safe,
since stretching of the mind is never felt or given time,
so changing out my state was something to give out a shake,
that threw out all my comfort to discover a new find.

I ended up inside this crazy state called California
and it surely is a place where there is more that one could take,
the problem with the move is that I had to start all over,
and lots of all these faces are so empty and just fake.

But focus is the grocery that I picked up from the store
because the shore with the decor is something that can make one sore,
it slowly blinds a person from pursuing why they came,
and also is the place where some lost people go insane.

So here I am within this jam to find a job or something,
it isn’t easy to just leave what was that old routine,
especially when a girl had made this heart to scream for joy,
so now I have to win so that the real looks like the dream.


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