Turning off

When energy wants to enjoy a vacation
the mind gives the ticket to take that excursion
that gives the enjoyment of taking a break
from the hardships of trying to just stay awake.

Some people do not have this problem of time
since their body is tuned still rightly unwind
with the average restrictions that come in this world,
but when the mind’s different, annoyed’s not the word.

For when other souls are still glowing with life,
there’s always those couple that struggle to see.

Those troublesome lids always fight for a kiss
and refuse to let go of their partner for life.

The mind used to fight for its chance to explore
but the constant lid kisses consume it with dark,
and when the world isn’t seen with your own doors
then some water has dampened your own lively spark.

And when no ignition helps catalyze flames
then the mind starts to drift until everything fades.


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