The Decline

It sucks when your feelings for someone that’s special
forgets to reach your heart to curl up and nestle
inside of your mind that was so very blind
because now those warm feelings are starting decline.

Ambition is pushing to keep on with mushing
your feelings together while surviving weather
of storms that absorb your most kindest of thoughts,
yet the inside of stomach is lacking some knots.

Some anger develops as happiness ponders
and wanders inside of this chaotic process
of trying to hold on and keep being faithful
but voices are whispering for something wasteful.

A wish for that travel to times that were perfect
is growing and fading at rates that are scary
because it is very alarming to capsize
inside of this ocean where hopes on a dive.

To pray for a beacon to shine in some hope
is a dream that can cause one to feel like a dope;
that simple old innocence prays for a miracle
but dreams are unseen when there’s nothing that’s physical.


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