The Journey

Let’s go on a journey that’s riddled with turning
into a dimension without any tension
and sprouting a gift of a wondrous shift
into a new dream that is more than it seemed.
Combat any tension that was eating your peace
and swim in a river that’s riddled with ease,
so that you can glow for a bountiful show
with delights of this life that continue to grow.
Maturing to nurture a future of winning
that’s warming a face and continually grinning
at a goal of a passion that melts a distraction
until it’s a bubble that pops on some rubble.
Feel the burn that will only succeed
when your desire is tasted and allows you to feed
on continuous persistence to go on the distance
that makes your old efforts more than an instance.
Continue to give your ambition some time
for you never will know when your chance will just shine
and then light the way to the heavens abroad
inside of a world that others applaud.
Free yourself from the trials of life
and feel the knowledge that married your strife
for it is a lesson that others should know
so hope is a friend that stays til the end.


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