Potential Story

Just thought of another story that was going to be short but I think I’m going to make it a book.  Let me know what you think :).

An eruption of fire cascades into the air and plummets onto the ground.  Unsuspecting victims curdle out their screams as they melt to their fiery demise.  The cement beneath their body splits from beneath them and hurls into the skyscraper to the right.  Flailing limbs that are accompanied by frantic screams fly out of the other end of the building and form a puddle in the street.  The same building twists and turns and hovers over the city waiting for its next command.

He flexes his mind and roars his rage into the ground.  A crater of devastation echoes all around him for three miles in diameter.  An aura of fire slithers off of his body and then flicks at the air as his eyes search for more places to destroy.  His excitement surges him over to a couple fleeing in fear of another attack.

His mind lifts them off of the ground and then separates their hands from their worrisome grasps.  The frantic man feels his body turning upside down to torpedo into the earth.  His wife screams in terror, “Please let us go!  We didn’t do anything to you and we don’t want any trouble!”

Laughs of deceit bellow out of this killer as he taunts her with her husband flying up and down with his head inching closer and closer to the ground.  She then cries out, “Please!  We’ll do anything you ask!  Wherever you come from, we are not your enemy!”

The killer stares at her silently and watches the air lifts her golden hair gently with the breeze.  Rage boils out of his stomach as he twitches to a laughter and brings her husband within eye level.  Deafening cries jump out of this man’s throat as his limbs begin to slip from his body.  His skin does its best to hold onto him but feels his blood trickling out of the holes that are developing.  His cries begin to stop as his throat begins to spit out every cell of blood that it had.  This victim’s eyes roll away from the terrible sight of death.

The wife screams in panic and then feels her body plummet to the ground so she can join her husband in the afterlife.  Greed for destruction continues to radiate from this killer so he locks his eyes on a remaining building.  He surges over to it and lands in the parking lot.  Panicking faces shine towards him as he powers his energy up right before their eyes.  Their arms wave a retreat as they watch his fiery aura radiate towards the sky.  Every single element around them becomes as black as coal as this aura of destruction slowly leaks closer and closer the building.

People begin to think that their feet can lead them to safety so they flee away from the scene.  Their attempts were looking promising until they feel their bodies turning into ash.  The spectators in the building scream loud enough to be heard from the parking lot.  The killer flexes his pulsating arms and reduces everything that was in and around the building to the size of a grain of salt.

He electrifies towards the sky and then flexes his fire and lightning all around his body.  He screams his terror into the heavens and allows his power to destroy whatever it pleases.  His screams continue for miles at a time before everything goes black.

His eyes bounce back and forth before his hands grab his head in pain.  He scans the area and sees his mahogany desk and matching nightstand looking back at him.  He looks around some more and notices that he is back in his king size bed with the black Egyptian sheets still comforting him.  His wife rolls and grunts towards him and holds onto his body.  She cuddles her head into his chest so he strokes her brunette curls from their knots.

He looks down at her and watches her green eyes look back at him.  He rubs on her lightly olive skinned back and kisses her good morning.  She looks into his golden brown eyes and says, “Good morning my love.”

He smiles and asks, “How did you sleep?”

She replies, “Very well.  I had very good dreams about our future.  You?”

He replies, “Not so good.  I had a very disturbing dream.”

She asks, “What was it about?”

He replies, “It was that same type of dream where I’m killing everyone around.  It’s just that I haven’t had that dream since my parents passed away years ago.”

She says, “Well it’s just a dream so don’t worry about it.”

He says, “You’re probably right.  I just wish that I would stop having them.  I’m always so shaky afterwords.”

She says, “Well I think that we know how to calm you down.”

He kisses her and then asks, “How’s that?”

She straddles on top of him and kisses him.  She pulls back her head and then says, “You really don’t know?”

He giggles and says, “Nope.  Can’t recall.  Can you refresh my memory?”  Their tongues begin to dance with one another.

She pulls back again and then says, “With pleasure.”

Their heads magnetize towards each other and leave their lips touching enough to warm their spirits.  They then begin to taste their partner daintily so they savor every single flavor.  Her eager fingers stroke their way up his chocolaty skin that has a subtle red glow to it.  His pride begins to swell from the feeling of her properly lotioned skin to show her he’s ready for a ride.

Her stringy panties find themselves flung to the floor so that her hidden secret to eruption can start their day.  She slides on top of his throbbing excitement and gently waves her hips at him.  Their breath reaches for one another as they begin to feel a rush rubbing the walls of their stomachs and chest.  He pulls her head towards his again so that their lips can continue to do some talking.

They feel their lips smacking and rubbing every single inch of their desire.  Their hips and back begin to speed up their methodical rhythm of passion.  Their ears are touched with the pleasant sound of their applause radiating from beneath the sheets.  Her mouth drops in submission to allow her emotions to control her.  He still desires a taste from his love so he begins to suck on her glistening neck.

Her hands grab onto the back of his head and spark his desire to switch their positions.  Her body rolls in an instant and causes her legs to lock behind his back.  He thrusts her farther and farther across the bed until she is hitting the wall with her head.  He hoists her up from the wall and then pins her back to it.  She joins in on the fun and then snaps her back to match his thrusts.

They lick the lips of their partner since they can’t find the strength to control their mouths.  The fan begins to shake and tremble from the excitement that is charging through the house.  His mouth begins to smile their happiness towards her until she returns the smile and then shows him that kissing is better than just smiling at one another.

She takes control and then pushes him down to show that she still dominates their game of love.  His hands and feet begin to clinch and pinch the sheets to hold back this desired eruption.  She pants out, “I want you to cum for me.  Cum for me.  Cum for me.”

He refuses to give in that quickly so he grunts and growls to hold himself back.  He feels her portal of seduction tugging and pulling on his stiff masterpiece.  The massaging that is mixed with constant splashes of lubrication are proving too much for him to handle.  He closes his eyes and tries to take his mind off of the situation.  She pulls on his twisted hair and bites on his lip until she sees his soul again.  He smiles at her and bites on his bottom lip to try and get blood to flow somewhere else in his body.

Victory shines from her face as she continues to bounce her secreting euphoria of obsession on his weakening manhood.  Their pelvis’ clap together and sound their admiration to their continuous display of affection.  She scratches her admiration into his chest, so he scratches her side to return the favor.  After scratching her, he gains control over his thoughts and flips her back over.

His pulsating passion was taken out of her as he flipped her body over so now her face is put into the pillow.  Every single scream and wail is muted as he thrusts his strength throughout her body.  She kicks her feet and pops her toes as she holds back her eruption.  This lust of victory takes control of his hands until they find their way to her secret button of eruption.

Her eyes take over her face as she feels him rubbing his way to her release.  She feels him rotating and stroking her into submission without any trouble at all.  She feels her body give in to his desires as she lubricates him to a dripping mess.  He feels his manhood begin to tingle as it releases his secret gift of life within her.  His body feels his back push him over on top of her as they pant and remain motionless to soak in every single aspect of their love.

Their bodies fall to their sides and let their faces glow towards one another.  They enjoy taking in every single part of their companions face and let their smiles giggle up some happiness.  She then kisses him on his lips and asks, “Do you feel better now?”

He replies, “Much.  Thank you Erin.”

Erin replies, “Your welcome Sedrick.”

He asks, “So since you came first… are you gonna make breakfast?”

She replies, “Ugh.  I guess so.  Unless you just wanna keep on giving?”

They giggle and laugh as he leans in and kisses her again.  He then says, “Actually I do feel like giving still.  You get dressed; or not” she giggles again, “and I’ll make you some food.  Sound good?”

She replies, “Very.  I’ll just put something comfortable on if that’s ok.”

He replies, “That’s fine.  I’m gonna put on some sweat pants and just wear those for the rest of the day.”

She says, “Oh yeah it’s Saturday right?”

He replies, “Yep.  No work and I just wanna play all day.”

She smiles and says, “Well as long as I can join in on your play; that’s fine with me.”

He replies, “Of course you can.”  He hops out of bed and slides on his grey sweat pants that were sleeping on the floor.  He then leans down and kisses her one last time before he begins to walk out the room and say, “I’ll see ya down there.”

She nods her head and then slowly moves her body around to put on some clothes.

He bounces down the steps and then makes a right turn into the kitchen.  He grabs a skillet from his cabinet above the stove and then turns the burner on.  He sprays some Pam onto the pan and then opens the fridge to grab some eggs.  He places them on the counter and grabs and egg to crack into the pan.  Right before he is able to let their meal start to be prepared, he hears a knock on the door.

Confusion scrunches his face as he looks at the clock and sees that it is still before noon.  He isn’t expecting any company so he shouts to the bedroom, “Babe.  Are you expecting anyone this morning?”

She shouts back, “Nope.  It might be some girl scouts or something like that.  Maybe a Jehovah’s witness?”

He replies, “I’ll get rid of ‘em if it’s a Jehovah.  But if it’s a girl scout do you want me to get some thin mints?”

She replies, “Is that a serious question?”

He says, “You’re right.  I’ll get four boxes.”

She says, “Make it five because you always eat one of mine.”

He laughs and then starts walking to the knocking that is growing more urgent as time unwinds.  He then says, “You finally caught on huh?”

She replies, “Duh” and makes her way down the steps with a loose shirt on and some yoga pants.

The door opens and reveals a suited man on their doorstep.  He raises his head and lets his slicked black hair glisten in the sunlight.  The man’s black eyes lock onto Sedrick before he asks, “Can I help you sir?”

The man replies, “No you can’t.”

He says, “Ok?  Then what do you want?”

The man replies, “It’s getting out of control son.  We were hoping this wouldn’t happen to you.”

He asks, “What do you mean?”

The man says, “I’m sorry son.  You’re emotionally unstable and you are a danger to the world now.  We were hoping that we could control it but it’s just happening randomly now.  We were naïve to think that we could control it.”

Sedrick shakes his head and then says, “Nut-case.  Nice.  Listen buddy, I don’t know who you are and what you are talking about but it’s early and I’m trying to have breakfast with my wife.  I’m sorry to do this to you but I’m going to close this door now.”

The door begins to close but is stopped by the stiff arm of the man.  Sedrick pulls the door back and then says, “Sir I will call the authorities if you don’t stop what you are doing.”

The man replies, “It won’t matter if you call the cops son.”

He replies, “Stop calling me son.  Now please leave before I start to get mad.”
The man replies, “That wouldn’t be a good idea.  It would endanger too many people.”

He replies, “Sir I still don’t know what you are talking about and I’m getting annoyed now.  Please leave and don’t come back here.”

The man replies, “I think that it’s time you know what I’m talking about.  I’m sorry son but I can’t live with this lie anymore.  And I’m so sorry about this but it’s the only way that you will fully understand what I’m talking about.  I’m ready to retire anyway.”

The man pulls a gun out of his jacket holster and then points it straight in between Sedrick’s eyes.  Sedrick remains motionless and then puts his arms up with his palms showing that he’s holding nothing.  He hears Erin gasp behind him and anticipate the next move.  Sedrick says, “Listen, I don’t know what you want but whatever it is I’m sure we can talk this out.”

The man says, “It’s too late for that.  I’m sorry kid.”

The gun moves from Sedrick’s face and points just past his ear.  The sound of the gun firing was muted by the silencer but the sound of a thud on the ground shook Sedrick’s soul.  His head creeps over his shoulder to see his wife motionless on the ground.  He stares blankly at her and then feels his sadness expanding inside of his stomach.  Nausea begins to tickle at his insides as he examines her life source that is spattered on the wall; but then he begins to feel his insides start to boil.  He turns back to the man and feels his heart leaping from his chest.

The man says, “It was wrong for the government to use you as a weapon.  This was inevitably going to happen.”

Panting begins to burn at Sedricks throat right before his eyes clinch together to try and wake up from this nightmare.  This fire within his throat begins to leak out of his tightly clasped eyelids.  They begin to burn and pulsate until they fly open and see only blood as their next target.  The man then says, “It’s starting now.  God speed son.”

A roar erupts from within Sedrick as everything in the area is reduced to a burning rubble.


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