How embarrassing

Just a funny little fiction story that I thought of.  Hope you enjoy it.

After urinating for hundreds of times, I finally sharted in the public restroom.  Confusion was sliding down my leg that was soon united with fright.  My eyes took hold of my face as I listened to air rushing inside of my neighboring potty buddies’ nostrils.  Wrinkles began to yell at me from their noses right before laughter ate away all of my pride.  This teasing poison continued to melt away my ears while my stream of continual betrayal kept me standing at that stall.

The sound of “Did you shit your pants” made my knees disappear from the scene.

Laughter began to taunt me again after my face was bleeding from a urinary face wash.  I wish these stalls were more giving upon impact.  Frantic fingers tried cleaning up the disaster by shoving my limp shame back into my pants quickly after picking up my wreckage.  My eyes remained on the floor so that I didn’t have to remember their disgusted faces for the rest of my life.  What a day.


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