So what is it that actually makes one attractive,
is it there face or the fact that they’re active?
Do these people have value that makes us inferior,
or are we just blind because of what’s in their mind?
Is equality even a possibility,
or is it a dream that only makes us scream?
Is there a truth to anything that’s said,
or are things true because they’re in your head?
Do we really see the world that we are in,
or do we just see what we allow to grin?
Is a crazy person really crazy,
or is our perception the one that’s hazy?
Is world peace actually obtainable,
or is it just war because there’s gore?
Are some people actually superior,
or is that thought what makes us inferior?
Are you certain about what happens after life,
or do you just lie and act like you know?
Is a belief more valuable than life,
or is life invaluable since it ends with death?
Why do we get sad or even get mad,
when they say emotions are something we control?
So does that mean that we all enjoy pain,
or are we all just a different degree of insane?
Do people believe that they are really invincible,
or do we just want to deny that we’ll end?
Will you read these as some simple questions,
or will you skew them with your own perception?


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