The Addiction

Sensations that tingle and continually mingle
stroke warmly in sync and lick on my chest
until I’m a mess and begin to have stress
over this passion of love that shined from above.
It works to my mouth and perks up the south
to prepare for relapse and never adapts
to the attempt to prevent another attempt
at swimming in a river that ends in a shiver.
A shiver that’s stated and continually mated
with an exhale of emotions that are deeper than devotions.
It consumes my mind and always feels kind
to gently unwind my compounding torment that lives for the moment.
Vision is blurred and there’s never a cure
for if there’s a taste then that fight was a waste;
so why even fight it when this dream has been sighted
because I want to lose to this whispering muse.
Play with my thoughts until they just rot
into a golden figure that’s always a trigger
to a world that was curled into an everlasting call
that crawls in my dreams but in reality can scream.
Yelling and telling this spell was a bell
to release this feeling that left me down kneeling
to an instrument I love and always will play
to hear the great tunes that overcast the moon.
Feeling a chord and rubbing a button
is something repeated to show I’m a glutton.
Strumming this skin that was known as a sin
has discovered a treasure of lovable measure
that pitches and stitches the warmest of notes
that clapped and tapped from within her throat.
It kisses my ears as she kisses my lips
with flavors that savor and continually dip
inside of my life to show me that sight
of enchanted delight that confused me with fright.
Yet confusion is gone and my heart has been drawn
to achieving this goal of pleasing my soul
and mating with you to never be through
with enjoying a smile that comforts a while.
You are my addiction without an affliction
for you freed my spirit and allowed me to steer it
into your good soul which began to roll
our thoughts into one that refuse to be done.


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