I’ll swirl among all of your thoughts
and dance to the beat of what you sought,
for I am the cure to all of your pain
so just be sure to remember my name.

Ringing and stinging with all of your beating
was something you needed in order to be greeted
with a passion that roars and continually soars
to enchanted heights never short of delight.

Forgetting your past is only disastrous
since all of those teachings would be for not,
and how will you succeed when you only lose
since every single nugget is what you forgot?

Your mind would be cursed to spoil and rot
among the failures that turned into clots.
Mushing and meshing is what is known
for turning this world into something you own.

So fail flail and strive to prevail
in order to border the substance of order
that you could create and turn into fate
to ward off mistakes and heighten the stakes.

Swim in your passion and twirl in your world
to find your obsession and become a pearl
that’s polished with history and laughs at misery
because you are a champion that’s mated with victory.


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