Free Your Mind


When observing this strange land
Do you believe what you see,
That this is the ultimatum
Rather than thoughts just swimming in the sea?
How is one to actually know
Exactly what is real,
When people can even train their mind
To not allow themselves to feel.
We could all be floating around
In the dreams of some soul’s tomorrow,
Who constantly makes us feel glee
Or puts us through their sorrow.
There is a lot of debate
About how this world came to be,
I believe that too much time has been wasted
Because I still question whether I am me.
What if we were to wake up one day
And realize we were constantly in a dream,
Just laughing at our past troubles
For we were never burned by that steam.
Give me a direct definition
Of how you perceive this reality,
And I will constantly remind you
Those fallen words are just a formality.
Imagine a realm of control
Where we only consume our thoughts,
Although how is that much different
From this world we have already sought.
Do not be blinded by your eyes
For they can always deceive you,
For when you lose control of your mind
You might as well accept that you are through.
If you find yourself pondering constantly
Then this unique thought process you may find,
I just hope that you will eventually feel
The joy that comes when you free your mind.


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